Authorship Writing Skills: WRITE IN STEPS

by Ian Stables

Authorship Writing Skills: WRITE IN STEPS - The super simple book writing method - The Innovative and Efficient Way to Write a Book (How to Write a Book and Sell It Series 2)

This is the new innovative and efficient nonfiction book writing process that authors are talking about.

Anyone can write a quality book with this. You'll find it a lot easier than the normal way.

Like most, I used to find it quite a task to write a book.

When I got my idea, I would start to build my outline. Hours and days scratching my head with what to include. When that was done, I would start writing. Many moments of mind blank. Trying to think of what words to say, how to explain it, how to prove something was true. Hours spent worrying about if I had included everything that was needed. If all that wasn't enough, there was the long hard task of editing the entire book.

I continually look for better ways to improve the book writing process. Over the years, I have had several light bulb ideas. After continual improvements, I have now designed a complete step-by-step system. It is so efficient that I know that anyone can write a non-fiction book by following this.

Although I already had a very efficient system, there were still times when coming up with the right words proved difficult. I asked myself, why can't finding the words to write be as easy as talking to a friend?

I struggled with this question for quite some time. One day, quite by accident, the conversation method was born. It has become the finishing touch to my book writing system.

With this system complete, there is no more time spent outlining before you can start to write. The writing starts from step one. Each step is simple.

Writing a book the normal way is difficult. With this step-by-step system, it is very simple. No more struggling to find the words or what to include. Just follow the easy steps.

Writing a book now is just a matter of creating simple lists, having a conversation with your reader, adding certain vital elements, easily locating missing topics, and adding the introduction and conclusion.

The result is a complete and fully understandable book. One that is written the way most readers love.

Here are some of the things you'll learn...

- Say all the important stuff by creating simple lists.

- Use the conversation method that makes the words come easily. It makes writing almost as easy as talking to a friend.

- The important elements that help readers understand.

- The best way to change your readers beliefs.

- How to prove what you say is true..

- How to easily make sure you've answered all your readers questions.

- A brilliant scan method that uncovers many extra topics to write about.

- No long editing and proof-reading session at the end. In small chunks at a time, use the highly effective three step method. It allows you to spot almost every error, check that it makes sense, and that your words sound right.

- The three part book introduction that makes your book irresistible.

- The simple conclusion that lots of readers say they love.

Either carry on doing it the hard way... or learn to write a book following the simple steps and effective methods that work.

WRITE IN STEPS Is Available On Kindle And Free With Kindle Unlimited.


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Check Out What One Reader had To Say!

[He did it again! This author keeps coming up with new highly useful trainings. I have written over 50 books (10 on Kindle) but I always search to improve my skill. Stables never disappoints. "WRITE IN STEPS: The super simple book writing method - Don't write a book Have a conversation" will simplify your book writing.

If the loony bin people don't take you away before you finish your work, you will discover a unique flow of ideas and information. You will learn methods to cover areas you normally would have forgotten. I will definitely use his methods on my next book.

But let me mention my favorite part of the book. Do-it-yourself editing and proof reading. I just went through a nightmare with one of our new book published with the wrong unedited copy. It was terrible (thankfully I did not write) I ended up using four paid editors/proof readers before republishing. He starts with some powerful suggestions to easily improve commas, words and grammar, good stuff, some I knew but were not using. I will put those into the system.

Then I J Stables comes up with the craziest method to proof read your manuscript. I won't give away his secret here, but I love it! It should be taught in every writing class. After using the Stables unique proofing process, I will still send my work to a editor. At least I will not be ashamed. Do I highly recommend this book. Oh Yeah!


My name is Ian Stables. I've been writing content for the internet since 2001 and eventually joined Amazon Kindle in 2012.

I believe that writing is one of the best ways to help others. We all know something that would benefit someone else. The world would be a better place if everyone helped each other by sharing their knowledge. Writing is the way of sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. This is something I do every day. My goal is to help as many people as possible and provide them solutions to their problems.

I started my online experience by selling information products on eBay. At the time you could sell digital PDF e-books on there. I had some success. E-Bay eventually stopped digital product sales. The only way to continue was to send it by post on a CD. Too much hassle all those envelopes and trips to the post office.

I always wanted better results on eBay and so I started to study everything about selling. This helped me in two ways. Firstly with my selling on eBay and also the job I started at the time which was in insurance telesales. What a hard job that was. However, I stayed in the job out for just over 9 and a half years. I had always remained in the top ten sales people there out of just over 200. So I didn't do so badly.

When I left that job, I began to market my own information products on the internet. This was a struggle because there is so much to learn. However, I did learn a lot from the experience. I certainly don't profess to know everything. Who does? I am always learning. We all are.

I realize that my writing has improved over the years. My continual goal is to keep improving. Not only my writing, but new methods, systems, processes. I can share these with others through my books.

I'm a bit of an innovator. I look at what's hard and takes time. I am always tweaking things to make them easier, faster, and to give better results. I read and learn from others and then use this knowledge to come up with better solutions. These are what I share.

It is my sincere wish that you gain benefit from reading my books.

For a full list of my self-publishing series, go to this address...

I wish you well,

Ian Stables.

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Jul 21, 2015
by: Psymon H

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