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If we have a social media connection you may have seen Tweets, posts and videos about an enthralling Book and Music Kickstarter project called “ShareMendation”… But what is it and how could it possibly benefit you and your author marketing campaign? Click Here To Read The Breaking News!



The author marketing plan devised for “ShareMendation,” puts you the author firmly in the driving seat and makes for the perfect scalable addition to any book marketing campaign through our easy to use dashboard which will come with a whole host of features, tutorials and future add-on tools.

Although much emphasis have been placed on “ease of use,” our software developers will step out of the box to make sure your personal ShareMendation dashboard delivers the latest implements to help push your titles further, drawing new fans to your pages. This has by no means been an easy task with many hours spent stripping down old concepts from our current online book promotion platform, building on the best by adding new elements and asking ourselves the most important questions, who, where, how and why?

Author Marketing Tools: We’ve Left Nothing To Chance

On sign up to our cloud base web-portal you create a profile, add an avatar and author bio before being directed to your personal dashboard, an area from where you control every element of your ShareMendation author marketing plan.

·        One of the author services we have kept from the Black Caviar promotion format is our Billboards, but like with everything there is always room for major improvements. We’ve gone 3D with our Book Billboards which will give the reader a truer and more lifelike experience. You will have access to eight blank billboard canvases, where you’ll place your book covers and book blurbs. When a perspective reader clicks on your billboard from its selected genre in our Book Coliseum, the life-like  graphics will be such that the book will turn on its spine as if like a real book on the shelf and then to the back cover where the reader will view your book blurb. Tap another button and user-members will be invited to read your free chapter snippet inside.

At the bottom of each billboard page, visitors (user/members) will be encouraged to share the billboard throughout their social media networks. Each social media share will accrue Kudos points for the reader and more points if the reader’s friends re-share the billboard page.

User-members will be able to become a fan, rate your billboard and leave comments and reviews.

 One of the most exciting prospects of the ShareMendation model is our quarterly” Monster Share Competitions.” Each user member will be invited to take part in this mass social media share event. All billboards will be worth 5 kudos points when shared on a user member’s social media platform and will show on their dashboards in real time. User members will play for a chance to top our leaderboard and win great prizes. While this is a fun activity, our user members can be a part of, it does present a fascinating equation for all signed up author members. Here’s a quick example of the potential power of a Monster Share Competition.

 If 1000 user members shared the same 100 Billboards twice in a 90 day period, it would equate to 200’000 total shares with each billboard receiving 2000 social media shares….And that  hasn’t accounted for any user member’s friends re-posting billboard links on their social media platform or becoming fans of the author. (Authors will be able to gather share stats for each billboard.)

 Each billboard will be submitted for our approval to make sure it meets our guidelines, but at any time after a submission you will be able to re-edit your billboard.  Our author services will also trigger a weekly tweet on our highly followed Twitter account for the duration of your membership….But That’s Not All!

 When a user-member adds your genre to their list of favorites (as part of their sign-up), your billboard triggers a notification message introducing your book as a ShareMendation recommendation.

 We will also set up a social media and bookmarking syndication Link wheel using up to 20 of the best sites….Your Billboard will trigger a link feed chain to each site on approval from us, which will give you link juice galore from visiting readers  outside our website user-ship. Your Billboards will be a great way to attract an author fan-base

 ·        Ensure as many people know about your book promotions, latest giveaways and book releases. With five minutes work you’ll be able to set up book media campaigns and run them on autopilot through the sites social media platforms. Add your own social media profiles to include your friends.

  ·        You will be able to keep track of how many ShareMendation (social media shares) each Book Billboard has generated in real time from your dashboard.

 ·        While we use social media for mass exposure, we believe the notion that your marketing is dependent upon your ability to build relationships and have conversations with your consumers, and that’s why we’ve added a connection hotspot (discussion boards) area for both author and bookworm to engage in conversation, ask and answer questions, helping to build that community of one.

 ·        On sign up and completion of your profile page, you will receive your very own Android Mobile App with push notification features that update every time you make a blog, promotion campaign and create a billboard. You’ll have a link on your profile page that will direct user-members to your app in the “Google Play” app store.

 ·        As a member you’ll have access to Publisher, Blogger, Reviewer and Literary Agent Directories.

 ·        Upload personal profile wallpaper or choose from our template selection.

 ·        Join author conversations and discussions in our Author Only Area

 ·        If you have an email list and would like to start your own e-zine, why not use our Mail Reach Contact Service. This feature allows you to effortlessly send updates to up to 700 subscribers.

 ·        Connect with publishers and Literary Agents with your own Electronic Press Kit (EPK) straight from your dashboard. This will give you the opportunity to showcase your book covers, author bio, fans, and book blurb along with a covering letter.

 ·        Benefit from our Social News Driver Feature: Although we are focused on in-web conversation because that builds community, we also encourage more exposure through our user-member dashboard. Bookworms and music fiends who help us reach our goal will be the first to use our social news driver tool. Every time a book or song appears in our Book Coliseum or Music Amphitheatre, it will attract data from those users who love that genre. This exciting tool automatically updates the users Facebook and Twitter profiles with the link to the billboard. This means more exposure outside of our cloud web-portal for authors and music artist.  

 ·        We will be charging an annual author membership fee of $30 for our service; If you would like to see this project in motion and take full advantage of our Beta Launch for half the price, we’ve made it possible by introducing our “Author, Music Artist  $10 Reward.

  ShareMendation will be a Movement By Itself, But We’re A Force When We Promote Together!  This can happen with the direct support of people like you.

Our Project Starts On Kickstarter On 31st August 2013...   

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