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Erotic Romance Book Lovers
Steamy Escape Into The World Of   
"Wicked Allure"
Book Club List: Romance

For good reason Erotic Romance fans from around the world have been engrossed in the page turner Wicked Allure ever since it appeared on their radar. With rave reviews coming in thick and fast, author Leslie C. Ferdinand’s fan-base grows ever larger.

 BCBC had the great pleasure in making Leslie C. Ferdinand its first Erotic Romance author interviewee and took little time trying to find out her stance on the genre and the book itself. Before we delve into our four questions we would like for you to read the book blurb.

 CLICK TO READ Leslie C. Ferdinand's Author Interview 

John J. Higgins
Book Club List: Fantasy

Fantasy Fiction aficionados, It’s Time To Fire Up Your Kindle for an “out of this world” book series flight….Next Stop…Heaven.

THE ARCHANGEL JARAHMAEL AND THE WAR TO CONQUER HEAVEN is the latest epic fantasy book series to get the BCBC fan-base seal of approval. Author John J. Higgins took a moment out from his book promotion flight campaign to occupy the “Interview With An Author” hot-seat. I wanted to know if this exceptional individual could navigate his way through my judiciously chosen questions; after all, any author willing to set his narrative in heaven better be able to get us to our destination and back in one piece….Right?

Before we take off I would like to point you to the Book Blurb below, the share buttons above and the buy button along on the right hand side of this page. If at any time we hit turbulence, please hit the emergency buy button. 


“Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?” By Author Tranea Prosser
Book Club List: Non-Fiction

The sign on the door indicates another BCBC author interview in progress. One hand holds four intriguing yet challenging questions while the other redirects the spotlight on the non-fiction writer in the hot seat.

Author Tranea Prosser, also an emcee, speaker, singer and comedian known as MizT beans a smile and makes herself comfortable before sharing thoughts and answering questions about her book “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?”

Although this enlightening take on living a celibate lifestyle in this modern day era is her first written publication, Tranea does a fantastic job of using her own life experiences to teach fundamental lessons and explores reasons why sexual abstinence is not only the safest, but the smartest way to live a healthy lifestyle outside of marriage.

What Was I Thinking? not only gives practical advice, but also lightens an otherwise hefty issue and makes for an entertaining yet refreshingly authentic and beautifully inspiring read. 


Ruby's World by Karen Baldwin
Book Club List: Non-Fiction

Karen Baldwin is an Interfaith Minister, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and the Executive Director of voice4women, an upstart non-profit envisioning a world in which every woman has self-directed freedom and moral independence within her own life. Using the power of story as a healing tool and propulsion for transformation, voice4women seeks out and shares the stories of emerging women around the world.

In mid-life, after surviving a heart attack and breast cancer, Ms. Baldwin turned her back on a successful career in the land development industry to pursue her passion for serving women and children. She graduated from The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, California, and earned a certificate in Spiritual Psychology through the West Coast Kabbalah School.

In 2008, compelled to live life on purpose, Ms. Baldwin accepted an invitation to teach English in a rural South African Zulu village. As the first white teacher at the Zinti School, Karen had first-hand encounters with the AIDS crisis, strong Zulu traditions of infant scarification, female genital mutilation, and witch doctor supremacy. When Karens host, Ruby, threatened her life, a terrified Karen retreated to her locked concrete room at the family's home until she could make her escape.

Ms. Baldwins riveting memoir of her experience with the Zulu, Rubys World, was released in December, 2011 to rave reviews and has been well-received on four continents. Ms. Baldwin speaks frequently on the topic of cultural competency and modern ethics.

As an auntie, mother, daughter, sister and grandmother, Ms. Baldwin continually searches for ways to make a difference in the lives of women and children. She firmly believes in story telling as an intrinsic element of personal healing as transformation.

"Our lives are a succession of stories," Baldwin says, "and too often we get stuck in our growth process because our stories have not been respectfully heard and acknowledged by our peers, families, and society." 

The Strength In Knowing
By I. Alan Appt
Book Club List: Self Help

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The Strength in Knowing by, I. Alan Appt is a powerful and personal narrative of one’s journey to achieve true happiness and near ultimate awareness. Appt’s life experiences are interpreted 

Author I. Alan Appt: Click Here To Read His Interview

to reveal a fresh and essential path to a heightened understanding of beliefs, love, peace, and joy, as well as personal and spiritual development. His book is very different from others in this genre.

 It is his quest to teach by example, and to enable others to gain a better understanding of their life, purpose, and meaning. The author outlines an explicit path for understanding, and for the opportunity to realize a higher consciousness through focused meditation and a self-observing mind.

Appt believes his profound, practical, yet simple teachings will interest and enrich many lives by granting the peace and fulfillment that are fundamental to our reality. His book offers the reader something essential—a practical, yet precise understanding of life as a guide to realizing true happiness  


Is My Child Autistic Or Delayed
By Susan Louise Peterson
Book Club list: Self Help

Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a book written for parents and professionals to explore autism concerns and developmental delays in children. The book is written by Susan Louise Peterson, a school psychologist who has conducted over 1000 assessments on young children with possible developmental delays and autism concerns. The book is parent friendly written in easy to understand language.

Parent concerns in the areas of communication, stereotyped behaviors, social interaction, unusual behaviors and daily living are presented with a school psychologist’s perspective of the concern.

The book is also geared to help professionals as it gives an overview of autism characteristics. Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? even discusses the ‘wrong reasons’ a parent may want a diagnosis of autism for a child. The multidisciplinary team approach is discussed in the decision making process of whether a child is delayed or has autism characteristics.


Claiming Jeremiah by Missy Salick
Book Club List: Women's Fiction


On the same night that twenty four-year-old Jordyn Sims has a miscarriage, her sister-in-law Tori Sims conceives a child. Nine months later, Tori, a long term heroin addict, abandons her two-hour-old drug addicted newborn Jeremiah, in a hospital stairwell. Jordyn receives the news and pursues foster adoption.

However, Oscar, Tori's possessive drug-addicted boyfriend, is not about to give Jeremiah up so easily. While in confrontation with Tori and Oscar, Jordyn seeks help from the Administration of Children Services (ACS), only to discover she is faced with a maze of departments, regulations, legalities and overworked social workers. Jordyn, however, remains strong and continues to push through the uphill battle, even after she discovers she's pregnant.

With all odds against her adoption of Jeremiah, and her pregnancy at high risk from increasing stress, will Jordyn win this tough battle, or will her world crumble before her?

The Island Of Lote by Emily Kinney
Book Club List: Young Adult

Milo Hestler is sick of being lonely and miserable. At fourteen, she has already moved more times than one should, each place more unwelcoming than the last, her parents are more against her than for her, and the only friend she has is her own conscience. Bob the Conscience. When the most recent residence, Shady Ally (spelled without the 'e'), turns out to be the most horrid so far, Milo begs her parents to let her go to summer camp in Australia. Her plans go awry, however, when she awakens on the airplane to find herself deserted and about to crash.

After parachuting into the ocean and getting knocked out by a suitcase, Milo wakes up on the beach of a tropical island, a boy two inches away from her face. The boy, though hot and friendly and evidently her savior, can't speak English. Through a misunderstanding, Milo accidentally agrees to marry him. When she learns about her mistake, Milo is horrified, although the boy, Simon, seems nothing but delighted. Milo demands that the engagement be called off, for more than one reason, but is informed, rather menacingly, that it can't be.

That this island is governed by certain laws, and even though she's new, she has to obey them too, or be forced. Outraged and terrified, Milo instantly grows a hatred for Simon, despite his obvious love for her. With the wedding looming and no comfort except for an adorable six-year-old interpreter, Milo doesn't see how she can escape.
She wonders why everything in her life always goes wrong, while perhaps facing a chance to make it right.


When The Love Is Gone by Melissa Burnett
Book Club List: Drama Fiction

“When the Love is Gone”, there’s nothing left but pain and regret… Have you ever wondered why your parents chose each other as mates when they were never a good match in the first place?

Ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have your mother’s aggressive temperament or your father’s gullible ways?

Angie Phelps-Frank has grown up in a dysfunctional home, where her only means of coping is through music and her father’s love. When her father is murdered, Angie is bereft. She becomes angry, afraid, aggressive, confrontational, and always ready for a good fight. When the man of her dreams finally comes along her aggressive temperament and mediocre ways ultimately push him away. Angie is now forced to reflect over her life, to examine why she became an angry woman and to learn to move on even "When the Love is Gone.'



Enemies Closer by L.E. Truscott
Book Club List: Action And Adventure

 Cassandra Broderick is a former US Marine now working in the weapons industry. Antonia Parker is the CIA agent who thinks she could be the key to breaking open her latest case.

They have two things in common: they’re both about to have their hearts broken and their lives turned upside down. Someone is setting them up – for murder and espionage.

To clear their names, they must trust each other on a journey that will take them from Washington, D.C. to Beijing.

And together they will find out that it pays to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

 Enemies Closer is full of twists and turns, shootings, kidnappings, explosions, non-stop action, a bit of romance and some good old-fashioned revenge.


The Rising book one in The Lost Children of Managrail series by Aron Joice
Book Club list: YA Fantasy

This young persons’ fantasy is a tale about a brother and sister’s perilous journey far from the safety of the golden city of Managrail. If you delight in folk from other realms, ancient beasts, and a very wicked sorceress, you will find it here. When Managrail fades from the light and becomes a city of darkness, Prince Simian must use all the skills the deceased King taught him to survive.Simian’s twin Lila is determined to have her way at all costs, but the price will be the very lives of those they hold dear. Romance and adventure surround them whilst they are unaware of the roles they will soon play to save the lands.

From the golden city to the shores of Dirth, an epic journey begins as they enter the frozen tundra of the White Realm to encounter the sorceress Shantra. A war is about to begin, and all the magic tribes are summoned for the last battle. Brother against brother, father against son, the sprites will open the portals that have held them safe for one hundred years.

The power of magic, and talismans that keep their own secret will save and destroy, leaving you to wonder if man has any chance at all. While Simian questions his love for his sister, Lila dreams of power promised by the sorceress if she delivers to Shantra what was once hers.

Wonderful casts of characters meet and join the two on their adventure fighting side by side in an attempt to save their world and becoming slaves to an evil no one can imagine.


 “The Same As You: A Teenage Diary Unlocked” by Kelly-Ann Graydon. Book Club List: Non-Fiction

Having depression and anxiety isn't like being sad or nervous. Some people don’t believe DAS is actually a mental illness but it is. My DAS (Depression, Anxiety, and Stress) started during my time of illness. I lost all meaning to my life. I couldn't smile or laugh or enjoy myself because the negative thoughts in my head wouldn't let me.
I saw everything wrong with me and I felt like everyone around me was just out to get me. I didn't know what I was doing, which direction to turn, what decisions to make; I just wanted to curl up and die.

I know that I caused my family some stress and worry but if not for them I don’t know where I would be today. All I do know is that I am still fighting to be positive in any way I can.

I’m thankful my family was there for me through my hard times and took care of me when I was unwell. You just have to remember there’s always someone out there willing to help you through the hard times. I found mine with my family, both parents and grandparents and as such I could never ask for more.

This is the true story of a young girls fight to overcome DAS and how she learnt to cope with the bad feelings that were enveloping her.



 Conjuror by Allen Pollens
Book Club List: Science Fiction

A Development Deep in Mexico’s Yucatan Jungle Will Change Storytelling Forever. “CONJUROR – Living the Tale” tells of an extraordinary storyteller evolution taking place deep in a Mexico Yucatan jungle. Its discovery and introduction into the outside world has significant consequences. Freelance writer Maureen Connor travels to Mexico’s Yucatan on her honeymoon. She and her husband, Vincent, visit Mayan ruins at Uxmal, Chichén Itzá, Tulum and Cobá … all pictured for the benefit of the reader.

With the help of an anthropologist, they return to Yucatan to risk entry into what is considered to be impenetrable jungle. Maureen is in search of a teller of stories, as in ancient times. The success of the book she is writing depends on finding this spoken spinner of tales. Their journey takes them to Chetumal, Campeche City, Xmaben and finally Macanche, where the road ends short of the dense Punta Put jungle. Along the way, they recruit others to help them in their quest.

They also must contend with kidnapping thieves. Maureen brings the remarkable conjuror storyteller back with her to New York City along with the others from Mexico who joined the expedition. Readers are treated to pictures from the Mayan’s tour of Manhattan. As part of the promotion for her new book, major conjuring events are presented in New York City, Chicago and Boston.

However, Conjuror is hounded by those who want to control him for personal benefit. Conjuror escapes to Mexico, but he is nearly destroyed by harrowing experiences he suffers there. He responds by conjuring a final colossal event in Mexico City. CONJUROR offers intriguing characters, facing unexpected challenges, in exciting locations with many pictures to add to the enjoyment of the story.



“Please Don’t Remove MarGreat’s Glasses!” by
Josh Baker. Book Club List: Christian Fiction/ YA

Timothy and his two closest friends embark on one last adventure before heading to college which puts them in the middle of Miami’s seedy nightlife, complete with partying, wild girls, and various illegal activities.

 Things go horribly wrong when Timothy crosses the wrong people and his younger brother Stephen pays for Timothy's reckless behavior with his life. Stripped of his status, abandoned by his friends and family, and incarcerated, Timothy is forced to reevaluate his life, and in particular, his atheist beliefs.



Dear Friends: Letters From Abroad by Ann Brady
Book Club List: Historical Fiction

Dear Friends: Letters From Abroad - A historical novel about the friendship between two young women from different social standings during 19th century England. The two ladies learn to survive the trials and tribulations they suffer before finding love and happiness.

Little Friends Adventures - Is a compilation of all 3 books in the Little Friends Series and tells of the adventures of the little animals down in the woods, in the garden and the farmyard.   Suitable to be read to pre-schoolers or for 5-7 year olds to read. Includes colouring sections and simple quizzes and games. 



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