Are You Dating a Liar?

by Manhardeep Singh



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Are You Dating a Liar?: 12 Handwriting Strokes that Reveal You are Dating a Liar Kindle Edition...

Advancement in technology has brought a big change in people's behavior and action pattern. From being more social to now being more isolate; being in a party but yet their eyes peeled on their phones. Some similar effects have also been on relationships. With the ease of access to other people, and various encryption options, there is one question which haunts every person today - Am I dating a liar? Am I being cheated? Why was the "last seen" on his/her WhatsApp or facebook messenger at midnight while I was fast asleep? If you have ever had such questions run in your mind and haunt you, you have the solution in your hands.

Are You Dating a Liar? is a comprehensive, to-the-point ebook that highlights 12 handwriting strokes which reveal a liar. It aims to provide the reader with knowledge about the various lying strokes found in the handwriting.


The ebook will help you:

1. Find out quickly if you are dating a liar
2. Understand what are the various lying strokes in the handwriting
3. Detecting a liar at workplace or any other social scenario
4. Find out which of your friends are frequent liars, so you trust them wisely
5. Detect if a potential partner is a liar or not


In the book’s context, it can’t be said that a secretive person tells lies but definitely he/she is holding back to something. It is like lying in reverse. Where you know something but you do not share it with your partner.

It should also be noted that as the loop in the letter “o” gets bigger, so does the amount of secrets that are withheld by the person. Consider the loop of the letter “o” as a bag – bigger the bag; the more secrets can stay inside it.

Also consider that presence of such loops occasionally in the handwriting accompanied by normal loop-less “o”s means that the person keeps secrets to others (which he/she should) but is otherwise honest and straightforward.

This simple stroke is very common to see in handwriting and should not be considered as something which would define a person who is habitual to lying. Though, this trait accompanied by other strokes can lead to the finding that you are dating a liar.

When I initially learnt about graphology, I learnt that this rightward loop in the letter “o” means that a person keeps secrets. When I saw this stoke in one of my then best friend’s handwriting, I had a big fight with her as I thought she shared all the secrets with me.

But on gaining more knowledge about the subject, I learnt that some personalities do need to keep secrets. This is their personality’s need. If they do not fulfil this need the personality does not feel to be in equilibrium. Do you think your personality has any such specific need, which if left unfulfilled, makes you feel not being in equilibrium?

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Jul 02, 2016
by: Psymon H

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