Apocalyptic Romance: Love After Dust

by James Ward

Humans had known that the world might come to an end at some point. But in the end what had come calling had been more terrifying, more surprising, and more devastating, then anyone had dreamed. There was no solution. No fix. Just panic. Panic and death.

Ashes to ashes, Dust to Dust.

The dreams were becoming more vivid as time went on. Now, as Ryan struggled on in this world as one of but a handful of survivors, he had begun questioning what was real and what was dream. Either way, Julia was a huge part of his life now, and he kept living for her.

What One Reader Had To Say!

“Love After Dust” is set after the apocalypse—a brutal disease nicknamed Dust has swept the world, killing everyone it infects. Violence erupts in cities and civilization crumbles; when the chaos settles, Ryan finds himself mysteriously spared. By day, he explores, searching for others and for food, water, and shelter; by night, he dreams of his sensual and loving relationship with a beautiful woman named Julia. But is she real? And can he find her? Or is he completely alone on earth?

Ever since I read Stephen King’s “The Stand” many years ago, I’ve loved apocalyptic novels that deal with the aftermath of society’s fall; I enjoyed “Love After Dust” just as much. The author does an excellent job of conveying how silent, dangerous, and deserted America through vivid descriptions; you can feel Ryan’s loneliness and wonder how he can stand it (though of course how he stands it is through his dream life with Julia; the chapters alternate between his sleeping and waking life, creating two stories that weave together).

The book is also sprinkled with horrifying, effective scenes, from abandoned airports to what Ryan discovers in a bed where he spends the night. His romance with Julia is also well-done—more than being just a dream, she has a backstory and a personality that makes her real to Ryan and to the reader.

If you enjoy apocalyptic science fiction or horror, especially with a romantic element, I recommend “Love After Dust.”

Author Bio

I have been an artist my whole life. I was playing music, painting, and drawing at an early age. As I got older my interests expanded. My focus as of late has been painting abstract acrylics on canvas, and creating abstract pen and ink drawings. However I have also begun exploring writing recently, and my first book "Love After Dust" was self published and released in December 2014. I hope you take pleasure in my work, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have. Thanks for your interest and support! For a more in depth look at who I am and my art...

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Jan 06, 2015
by: Psymon H

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