Ancient Rome: The Private Life of the First Emperor Augustus

by Victor Miller



Non fiction, written in a narrative way - Ancient Rome: The Private Life of the First Emperor Augustus - (The Son of a God) Kindle Edition.

When we think of Augustus Caesar, the image of a young, handsome man spring to mind. The successor to Julius Caesar, we know that he became leader to the roman people at a very young age. And yet the man who was known by several names throughout his life was not a blood relative of Caesar. Although coming from fairly humble origins, this man propelled himself into the life of a fearsome warrior; respected politician and model roman citizen.

This book explores the life of Augustus and his rise to power, looking at the various influences and experiences throughout his life.

What were the omens that suggested he was more than just an ordinary child? How did he become heir to Julius Caesar’s fortune and power? Were all the decisions he made throughout his life politically motivated? How did his step-son Tiberius become his only heir, despite his struggle to ensure that he had a strong family line when he died? Augustus Caesar was a highly complex and intellectual individual who became one of the most powerful leaders of the time. The self-styled Father of Rome, he was truly destined towards divinity.

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By Kotty B Lioo on January 17, 2016

This isn’t a particularly long text book but it packs a punch nonetheless. Rather than just being a tedious march through the significant military achievements throughout Augustus’ life, this is a far more succinct look at the more personal aspects of his life.

It discusses many subjects such as the relationships he built; the intricate strategies he built to achieve his goals and his highly moralistic stance which was, undoubtedly due to his belief in his own divine origins as well as those he came into later on in life when he was adopted by Caesar.

If you are looking for something a little different from the standard books already on the market, then this is definitely worth a look.


Victor Miller
is a 45 year old man living in historic Charleston South Carolina with his wife Jackie and two kids Kevin and Mark. Victor is a lover of history. Growing up he loved to learn about the ancient romans, Greeks as well as other historical events.

After completing high school he began to see the world. Taking a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids and then off to Rome and the surrounding areas he was able to see the worlds that he loved first hand. After getting married he began to settle down and began to write about his travels. He would be invited by high schools and other institutions of learning to tell his tales and show off artifacts that he has collected to students and staff.

With the development of Amazon and their publishing platforms Victor has been able to share his writings and love of history with the world. As of 2015 he plans on writing many more stories from his adventures and wealth of knowledge.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Ancient Rome: The Private Life of the First Emperor Augustus (The Son of a God)

ISBN-10: 1523375450
ISBN-13: 978-1523375455

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Jan 18, 2016
by: Psymon H

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