An Intervention of Angels:
A Free Science Fiction thriller of eternal war on a distant planet.
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An Intervention of Angels: British author John Battle lives and writes in Manchester, UK and has been a storyteller for fifty years. He has now stepped away form a career oriented life and has become immersed in the literary fold.

His books reach into the land of make believe - a contemporary definition would be Science Fiction. His books to date include the diptych series LAND OF LIGHT AND SHADOW (2 Books to date), a science fiction thriller AND ALL THINGS IN BETWEEN, and now AN INTERVENTION OF ANGELS.

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An Intervention of Angels: a Free Science Fiction Thriller of eternal war on an alien world, fought with ritual and honor between the different species, until the arrival of a stricken craft from a devastated Earth changes everything.

The clamor of war calls again to the Cats and the Apes, and Handus is in big trouble. Somehow, he’s been chosen to be the Cats’ Champion, and even his biggest supporters couldn't see that working out well for him. He’s well trained, but he’s small, and the Apes are so big, and that ugly one keeps grinning at him.

Beneath the shadow of The Wall, he must prove himself a hero, or end up a dismembered corpse.

When the ship from Earth arrives, is change possible? Can the endless cycle of war be ended? Or are the humans just another enemy to fight?

The local warriors will have to find a way to work together if they hope to survive the attentions of the creatures that the humans inadvertently carried with them. For they are the Succ-y-Rist; the conquerors of Earth.

Towering above the combatants is The Wall; controlling the world with the lure of PI and the threat of the Clickerclackers. Even if accord can be found and the Succ-y-Rist defeated, someone is going to have to solve that particular problem.

If one man can take his eyes off the glorious Pi for a single second, and another reconsider his bathing regime then, just maybe, they can save a world; or die trying.

There is treachery and blood; heroism and humor, and a multitude of aliens in this epic adventure. And the sex; don't forget the sex.

A classic tale of adventure and action, laced with humor and the hint of romance.

A science fiction comedy thriller, destined to be one of the decade’s Science Fiction Bestsellers, and it’s also a unique contribution to the First Contact Novel and Free Science Fiction Thriller, Free Science Fiction and Fantasy books, Science Fiction Bestsellers, Sci-Fi with humor, Free Science fiction and Fantasy Kindle books, SF Free, Free Space Opera Book genres. If you like your SF books with alien worlds, treachery, comedy and adventure, then maybe you should add this to your Science Fiction and Fantasy library of Kindle books.

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An Intervention of Angels Chapter Read

BOOK 1: Of Cat-like Aliens and Ape-like Aliens


Chapter 1


Helen stared at the dead view screens as she tried to clear her mind and plan for the trials ahead.

But her thoughts were bundled up like clothes in a drier; twisted and confused and difficult to separate.

It was only three days since they’d left the worm-hole and already the mission was over, ending in absolute disaster. They were all dead. Every single one of the passengers was dead.

Twenty thousand of them; or was in eighteen thousand? She couldn’t even get that clear in her head. They’d started out with twenty thousand; she was sure of that. Two thousand to each suspended animation globe; that was the plan. But what happened in the tenth globe? Two thousand passengers entered it before they left Earth orbit, but what had the Succ-y-Rist done to them? It had to be them; there was no other explanation.  

When the life support system failed, the back-up system should have kicked in. When the generator died, its auxiliary should have taken over. The least that would have been expected was for the alarm klaxon to scream its distress.

But none of this had happened.

When Helen had woken up to the absolute darkness, just twenty-four hours earlier, even her still sleepy brain had registered the most terrifying sound in space; that of silence. No reassuring background hum of the hidden machinery that made life possible in this most hostile of environments, no radio squawks to tell her that her crew members were at their stations.

The panic had clutched at her guts and she’d wanted to roll into a ball and hide in the darkness. But she was the captain of this ship, and the lives of her small crew and twenty thousand sleeping passengers depended upon her being calm, professional and assured.

When she saw the sudden bright light that tossed shadows around her cramped quarters, she’d fought back the urge to cry out and swung her legs from her bed. Then she caught his smell, already heavy in the tiny room.

‘Jones,’ she’d asked. ’What’s happened?’ In her most professional tone.

‘Nothing works, Sir. Life support, air, heating, power, screens; all are down.’

‘B-but that’s not… How could it happen?’

‘No idea how. They all went at the same time; ten minutes ago.’

‘We have to sort this out quickly. How long have we got before our air supply is compromised?’

‘Air quality will drop significantly after four or five hours. Another couple of hours after that it won’t be breathable at all. But before then, the temperature will have dropped low enough, so we won’t need to worry about the air.’

Helen’s mind had been filled with fear for the twenty thousand people, in suspended animation in the globes that made up the bulk of the ship. Without power, how long could they last? Were they already dead?

She’d found that she couldn’t even start to think of a solution. All those years of training hadn’t prepared her for this; the prospect of the total loss of ship, passengers and crew.

‘We have to sort out our life support systems straight away. Then we’ll have to see what we can do for the passengers.’

She’d paused, running the thoughts through her mind, in a loop that threatened to have no end. Then she shook her head and looked directly at him. 

‘What can we do?’ She’d almost whispered; her voice hoarse.

Jones had held up a rusty old tool box.

‘Let me see what I can do, Sir.’




The rain lashed at him as he ran, making the narrow surface slippery and dangerous; but he thought nothing of the risk of falling to his death to the rough, lifeless land far below. He was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell his story to his superiors at the temple, so he sprinted along the wet surface of The Wall, his paws slapping and splashing water onto his belly fur, his tail rigid behind him.

Despite his excitement, a small part of his feline mind was coolly trying to work out the significance of the apparition that had burst through the dark bulging clouds. To Perdus, there was meaning in everything; the cloud breaks, the clean rain, and now this. It had to mean that the days of sunshine and clarity were approaching; no other explanation was conceivable.

As he ran along the gently descending slope of The Wall, the temple came into view, a squat pyramid sitting outside the tall, curved walls of the city. The Wall was much lower here, and would soon end altogether, just a couple of legs above the yellow stone of the temple grounds.

‘What do you think you are doing?’ demanded the Lord High Preacher, when he burst into the reception hall of the venerable temple. ‘You should be walking The Wall; preparing yourself for the honour that awaits you.’ The big ginger cat flicked his tail angrily, from side to side.

Perdus ducked his head and dropped his shoulders, showing due obeisance.

‘My Lord, forgive me, but my test was interrupted by a wonderful apparition.’

His superior raised himself up onto his hind-legs, and allowed his fangs to show.

‘Nothing should interfere with our work here, Perdus. We serve the Twin Gods, may they bless the sky and the land, and that is all that should concern us. You have disappointed me, kitten.’

Perdus fought against the anger at the insult, but he couldn’t help the fur rising across his shoulders.

‘My Lord.’ He said slowly, as calmly as he could. ‘I believe that the sight gifted to me was a direct communication from the Twin Gods, may they bless the sky and the land.’

The Lord High Preacher stepped close enough for Perdus to feel his hot breath.

‘Explain yourself.’ He hissed; his sharp teeth glistened as he spoke.

‘I was fulfilling my duty and walking The Wall when the sun broke through. I sat to enjoy the unexpected occurrence; do you know it has been seventeen days since the last recorded cloud break?’

‘Focus, cat. Focus on the ‘apparition.’’

‘As I said; I was sitting, soaking up the warmth of the sun instead of the damp of the rain, when I heard a roaring sound and looked up, just in time to see it rip through the clouds and fly low over The Wall, just twenty or thirty legs from my position.’

‘Describe it to me.’

‘It was a light grey cylinder, with triangular shapes on each side, and it flew across the sky, at great speed, towards the sea. A short while later, it reappeared, dipping in and out of the cloud as it flew across the land. Then it disappeared over the Wall.’

 ‘And that is the sum total of this shocking experience?’

‘Yes. Perhaps I have not explained it clearly?’

‘Clearly enough.’ Grunted the big ginger.

He dropped to his haunches and studied him for a moment before continuing.

‘It is said that you may well be the next Interpreter of Dreams; you are aware of that?’

Perdus tilted his head to one side in the affirmative gesture.

‘If that is truly the case, the timing of your maturity is fortunate. There are changes coming; you have spoken of this before, and now we have this supposed gift from the Gods.

The big cat started to groom his chest fur. Only when he was satisfied with the results did he look up again.

‘Go home to your den, and rest. Return tomorrow at dawn; we have much to plan before you can begin your mission.’

‘What mission is that, my Lord?’

‘Of course you will have to seek out and find this object, wherever it has landed. You must find it and ascertain its purpose.’


‘If you have any further questions, tomorrow will be the time to ask them.’ The Lord High Preacher turned then and leapt on to his desk, where he dropped his head between his forepaws.

Thus dismissed, Perdus backed out of his offices, his mind in turmoil.





The wide river flowed slowly, carrying the grey scum down to the sea. Beneath its murky waters, a darkness hid, biding its time until the urge for action became overwhelming.

On the far side of the river, the Apes were already camped; their Thousand marching up and down the river bank in a martial display of readiness; causing an edge of uncertainty in the watching cats.

‘It’s too soon,’ whispered Aysus, to the grey female who’d invited him into her elevated lookout.

‘That’s why I called you up here. Someone needs to know about this. If they are starting this early, what do they know that we don’t?’

Blaysus looked down at him; her beautiful green eyes made him feel weak. He was quite relieved to find that she hadn’t brought him up here for other private, more physically demanding reasons. She was a striking cat, but there might have been performance issues; and his heart belonged to another.

‘I’ll tell the sarge; he’ll know what to do.’

‘Don’t mention me; I don’t want him coming up here; not again.’

‘Why? What..?’

Aysus knew immediately that he’d said the wrong thing.

‘I’m going now,’ he said as he turned to drop from the lookout, leaving Blaysus behind, with her arched back and snarling teeth.

As he reached the ground, he paused. An ape had approached the far river bank and seemed to be waving his double-head axe directly at him. Aysus stared at it, trying to work out if the other apes standing close to it were children, or was the ape really that big? Somehow, although he couldn’t see its face clearly, he knew that it was grinning.  

An hour later, he was racing along the straight wide road to Hellion, hoping to get there before the light failed. He held his head high with pride as he ran. The sarge had chosen him to deliver this important message to the General, and that was a sign of how much he was trusted.

Hellion was almost seven leagues from the river; a league was the distance a fit cat could cover in an hour, at a fast lope. And Aysus was certainly a fit cat. He’d trained hard since he was little more than a kitten to be a soldier, and he was sure that he would have made a fine one, if his small stature had not been held against him. So, for now, he was just a lowly messenger. But one day, he was convinced, there would come a need for a fast, agile, clever soldier who was slightly smaller than your average cat.    

When the rain came, he was hardly surprised. In his experience, every day is a rainy day.

He continued along the smooth, hard, road, increasing his pace slightly to help him keep warm. His green eyes flicked from side to side, watching out for danger from either boundary. He knew that he was safe at this time of the day, but still, there was no harm in keeping your eyes open.  

When the rain stopped, he paused for a moment to give himself a good shaking, to throw off as much water as he could from his sodden fur, then he spotted the clouds break and the sky lighten up gloriously as the sun shone through. The sunshine didn’t reach anywhere near the road, so he missed out on any benefit from the unexpected heat.

Then the dark grey cylinder burst from the clouds and Aysus felt his damp hackles rise.

He couldn’t understand what he’d seen, or what it meant; but he was wise enough to recognize a bad omen when he saw one.

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Check Out What One Reader Had To Say Below

Sci-Fi takes flight in this tale of winged super cats that can stand on their hind legs, and masculine apes clad in skirts. What I enjoyed most about this book is the author’s imaginative nature.

It’s a story void of boundaries except for the larger than life wall that you’ll have to read about for yourself (no spoiler), apparitions, and a battle which even involves human mankind. Just by the way that it ends I know that there’s a sequel, so I'm really excited to read on. Author J. Battle has definitely gained a new fan, I highly recommend.

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