Amish Romance: The Amish of Lawrence County, Book 1 - 4

by Arwilda Allshouse



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Amish Romance: Simon and Sarah Collection (4 in 1 Book Boxed Set): The Amish of Lawrence County, PA (Simon and Sarah: An Amish Romance) Kindle Edition.

An Amish Sweet Christian Romance Novel suitable for all ages
Amish Romance: Simon and Sarah: 4 in 1 Collection (Boxed Set)

Book 1: Sarah’s Suspicion

Sarah Noll, Sadie Byler’s sweet but flighty best friend can’t decide between safe Simon Byler, and the good-looking, but aggressive, Levi Mast. Levi invites her home from a Sunday Sing, but all does not go as planned in the buggy ride home. Then with Simon she snoops and finds something that looks suspiciously sinful. Is Simon planning on leaving the Amish? How will Sarah ever tell her best friend Sadie about her brother’s plans? Or should she? Shocked, excited and secretly pleased about Simon’s plans, she joins him in his forbidden quest, but Levi Mast is not ready to give her up. Will they all end up before the Bishop?

Book 2: Simon’s Struggle

Simon and Sarah’s friendship grows as they secretly work together to finalize their ideas to present to the bishop and the gmay. But Simon worries that friendship is all his relationship with Sarah will ever be. She seems to be more interested in the pirates and Vikings of her romance novels than him. It doesn’t help that Levi Mast looks like a Viking and acts like a pirate. How can Simon compete, or should he? How can he protect Sarah? Will Simon be enough when Sarah craves romance and adventure? And after all this work will the bishop accept their proposal or will he see it as a rejection of the ordnung?

Book 3: Sarah’s Favor

Since Simon Byler asked Sarah Noll about her relationship with Levi Mast, there has been a enormous obstacle between them. He knows he handled the situation tactlessly, but he has loved Sarah for as long as he can remember. He knows that they are meant to be together and makes a bold plan. His sister Sadie also has a plan, but Simon thinks he just has to convince God that Sarah is the girl for him. Sarah’s Favor is a story of young love, mistaken intentions, truth and commitment. It is about forming a relationship not just with the one you love, but also with God.
Book 4: Simon’s Devotion

Simon Byler knows that he is in love with Sarah Noll, but thinks he may have to give her up. She says she doesn’t love him. Simon follows Sadie’s advice that absence makes the heart grow fonder and goes with Mark and Jason to a wedding in New Wilmington. The Bishop’s sermon, along with his two friends, helps Simon to set his priorities straight. However, the women in New Wilmington are interested in an unattached bachelor, and Simon finds himself the center of attention. Is Simon really unattached? How can he ever measure up to the Vikings and pirates Sarah reads about in her novels? Simon Byler will have to prove himself in a very dramatic way to turn her head.

A story about faith, and commitment and true love,The Simon and Sarah Collection will make you believe that whichever way the wind blows, God is in control. This is not your typical Amish romance. It’s fun, funny and most importantly inspiring.

The Amish of Lawrence County series is set in Western Pennsylvania, where the Amish celebrate God’s Grace with a love of the land and a life of simplicity and faith.

Dwnload Your Kindle Copy of - Amish Romance: Simon and Sarah Collection (4 in 1 Book Boxed Set): The Amish of Lawrence County, PA (Simon and Sarah: An Amish Romance)

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Arwilda Allshouse,
the eldest girl of nine children, was born to parents of Pennsylvania Deutsch lineage and kept in touch with her grandparents until their death. She is familiar with the mores of most Amish and has endeavored to keep her stories truthful, though fiction. She grew up in an Anabaptist home, spending her whole life in the small Pennsylvania community which nurtured her and her family. She learned to can the vegetables grown on the farm and sew her own clothes and later her children's. She taught her own children and grandchildren the art. She has always loved to read romance, and dreamed of writing and publishing stories, but never seemed to have the time...or the means until ebooks.

Like the Amish, Wilda has always felt that God played a central role in her life and has tried to offer simple work, forgiveness and love in a prayerful way. This is the theme that she hopes runs through her books: remembering that JOY is found by placing Jesus first, then Others and then Yourself.

Wilda lived for many years side by side with the Pennsylvania Amish and now the stories of love and grace that she has always cherished have, with the help of her granddaughters, found a home on Amazon. She hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as she has enjoyed writing them, and always loves to hear from her readers. Find her on Facebook.

Dwnload Your Kindle Copy of - Amish Romance: Simon and Sarah Collection (4 in 1 Book Boxed Set): The Amish of Lawrence County, PA (Simon and Sarah: An Amish Romance)

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