Alternative Medicine: Healing Through Vaginal Steaming

by Ijeoma Memeh



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Alternative Medicine: Healing Through Vaginal Steaming.

“Based on my experience yesterday this will DEFINITELY be a part of my normal hygiene process. The steam is extremely relaxing. I instantly noticed less bloating a change in my cervical fluid and my husband was also quite pleased with the results.

I noticed them too. I purchased the vagi-steam herbal blend which cost me $20 for 4oz. I plan to keep up the results by doing the steam treatments at home every two weeks. I'm totally pleased with my experience!!”

“Vaginal steam baths helped me get pregnant at the age of 45 after only five steams, after I had been trying to conceive for three years. My husband, orthopedic surgeon Charles Schwartz and I are set to introduce vaginal steam baths to Southern California women to share the success of their v-steam story.”

“Once I finished, everything did feel cleaner and more refreshed. Within the next few days I did notice increased wetness. Safe to say I can add vaginal steaming to my Ways to A Wetter Vagina list. Overall, I’ll do v-steams periodically to show my yoni some extra love. It was a relaxing and refreshing experience.”

"I really enjoyed my first vaginal steam bath and do feel that it helped me detox and heal. Only time will tell if I can get pregnant and stay pregnant and how my periods will be from here on out, but I do think I found a very important tool for my female health. Vaginal steams are now going to be integrated into my regular self-care routine. I have always been a huge fan of self-care techniques and, since I didn’t have a mother that could take care of me, I learned very early on that I needed to take care of myself. I so hope that you will give this a try yourself and take charge of your own health and healing."

"I have also started to notice that vaginal steam baths are good for my vulvar skin. Since my skin is a bit fragile, a wrong move with a dilator can sometimes cause tiny tears at about 6 o'clock. Steam baths seem to help heal those tears more quickly (I assume this is because they promote blood flow to the area) and even seem to prevent tears from happening as easily (especially if I do the steam baths right before the dilator work...again, I think the blood flow to the area helps here)."

"The most lovely result of this treatment is that it helps us ladies, myself included, connect (or reconnect as the case may be) with our bodies, specifically “down there”. Not to sound all “I am woman hear me roar-y” but sometimes the topic of the vag, or pampering it, can feel somewhat taboo. If I walked away from this experience with one thing, it would be the reminder that our entire body deserves love and attention, even the parts that you can’t see on the outside!"

"It feels great afterward. I swear, as I walked away from the chair, I half expected to hear a squeaky noise with each step. That’s how clean I felt! I can’t speak to the treatment’s long-term effects, but I can tell you this: I got my period a few days later, and my cramps were nonexistent. And they’re usually pretty awful. Maybe that was a coincidence, maybe not. I’m definitely excited to try it again."

"At first I hovered over the steam, felt tension in my thighs and ass, a little afraid of what steam might feel like on my vulva. It was warm, welcoming, nothing difficult to endure. I lowered myself and relaxed into it. The steam enveloped my vulva. I found myself reflecting at the very act of spending time with my self, alone, with candles, and the scent and energy of the herbs. It felt ancient, my cells absorbing the droplets of water into my mucus membranes, my cells carrying on the intentions throughout my system. I felt my vagina willingly letting go of what she no longer needed, felt the sweat drip right off of and out of me..."

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Sep 26, 2015
by: Psymon H

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