African American Romance: Childhood Sweethearts

by Jacob Spears

ASIN: B019QG38K2

ASIN: B019QG38K2

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Childhood Sweethearts: Passion, Love & Loyalty Kindle Edition.

They came up together... but can they "Come Up" together? Smooth and China are a "power couple." An urban Gothic modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

They know the ins and outs of the streets. But Smooth also knows its consequences. Which is why he wants to get "out" of the life just as quickly as he first entered it. The money?

It's always an intricate part of any exit plan. The problem? His childhood sweetheart China. She loves "the life" - the wealth, and street cred it has brought her. Perhaps she has a little hidden passion for the action too. But at the end of the day China is a "paper chaser."

Their romantic and business dynamic however has never been more tested until now. The life and its stresses, but most of all... its trappings have caused a fracture in their once impenetrable relationship. Smooth wants her by his side when he gets out for good, but China's addicted to the money.

It affects her better judgment. Er go she wants their transition out of "hustling" to be a slow one... if at all. As the pair begin to rise through the ranks... enemies, cops, and rivals become a much larger problem. In addition to one-time friends becoming foes.

Together they're unstoppable. But money is the root of ALL evil and make no mistake these two love money. The question is... do they love each other more?

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By Kindle Customer on December 24, 2015

I really enjoyed the adventures of China and Smooth. They were both very young, but they handled things like mature adults. They had a weird relationship. One minute they were happy, then the next time they were bickering like brother and sister. Through all of their ups and downs, they realized they were made for each other. It just took awhile and other people to help them realize it.

Monica let her greed and jealousy become her downfall. And for that reason alone, she got what she deserved. Roxy was a sister every little girl should have. She was as loving as they came, and she didn't chose sides. Ga Ga just wanted what was best for her girls, and i applaud her for that. Miranda actually became a pretty cool person in spite of. Thank you Jasper Spears for a great story.


Jacob Spears
signed to Good2go Publishing in 2015 releasing his debut series Childhood Sweethearts. VOL 1 Passion, Love & Loyalty has received rave reviews. Jacob found the love of writing at an early age realizing his passion for writing was his destiny. He's currently working on several new novels. For new release updates from Jacob Spears TEXT GOOD2GO to 42828

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Dec 30, 2015
by: Psymon H

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