#Adventure: In Search Of The Hidden Garden

by Renato Ariano
(Bordighera, Italy)

Adventurous journey of a restless pollen.

Adventurous journey of a restless pollen.

Adventurous journey of a restless pollen.

Adventurous journey of a restless pollen. "
A new "Pinocchio"?

A book on several levels of interpretation.

This new book is a reading that can arouse many different emotions and thoughts and intriguing from the start, prompting us to read it all in one breath. At first you dive into the adventurous plot, attracted by the particular character and eye-catching.

It is a microscopic pollen from cypress, named Zeffirino, a name which is the diminutive of a spring wind, light and lively and well defines this character, curious and enterprising, who refuses their predetermined fate and escaping the Father Plant to run many adventures in the world of Nature. You could say that it is a sort of a "new Pinocchio."

In fact, as the “Pinocchio” Zeffirino also disobeys his father, escapes and does his pranks and then repents: "Poor me, I wanted to do my own thing ... if I did as he said the Tree father ...", Zeffirino speaks the language universal animals and plants, he meets friends and dangerous enemies, is a Master in the old pollen Eudosso , who guides him on his journey to the Hidden Garden, where you will find the answers to all his questions.

He also has a sort of Blue Fairy, represented by the Moon, which follows him and inspires him constantly during his journey. He runs the biggest dangers when facing the species weaker and more insidious, that the human race, which ends up a prisoner, but eventually manages to escape, thanks to friends of bacteria. Finally palingenesis, the final transformation, through an act of love that does not reveal so as not to spoil the surprise to the reader.

However , going through page after page , you'll find that the story has different reading levels . At the bottom of the page there are a number of explanatory notes and you realize that the story is also an aim of popularizing science . You learn a lot of information on pollen, mites , bacteria, fungi, allergic diseases.

This discovery also makes us understand that the author wants us to present the sources of allergy ( pollen and other allergens ) from a completely different perspective, or from their own point of view . The wind, for allergenic pollen is not only the movement of an air mass moving clouds and branches of trees, but even their favorite street , the wind is a highway for pollen, in other words it is a way to rise up and to come to knowledge. That 's what the Master says to his pupil Eudosso , when taught him the rudiments of flying pollen . " To fly high , it should be light and seconded . For this , we need to eliminate all unnecessary thoughts and bulky. They are the ballast that we have to leave .

We realize now, for the third reading level , that of symbolic value , aesthetics and ethics, with messages that often appear between the lines and numerous references to literary masterpieces of literature , camouflaged in the various chapters . The author has the taste of the riddle . In fact, he concocted three acrostics that you can discover paying attention to the letters of the first words of the first and last sentence of the various chapters .

Acrostics are generated by the so reconstructed three sentences, each of which expresses an aphorism of ethical content . After the book, the reader is led attentive and curious now to read it again to catch those sentences or those references that, perhaps, before he had escaped . This is perhaps one of the major merits of this book, the reading of which is catchy like a fairy tale , intriguing as picaresque adventure , enigmatic like a thriller .

Worth noting , too, that the book is dedicated to allergic patients "because , despite everything, to discover that even the pollens have a soul ... "

Zeffirino is a small cypress pollen, courageous and rebellious. He is different between other pollens because he does not accept his fate of pollinator and, as soon as he can, flies away from his father Plant, in search of a different fate from that which was intended. During his escape he meets a wise old pollen, Eudosso, who becomes his Master and guides him on a long journey in search of the Hidden Garden.

Here the little pollen should find the answers to all the questions about his true fate. After numerous and daring adventures, in which he faces many characters, Zeffirino finally arrives at the Hidden Garden, which hides a shocking surprise and where he finally finds the meaning of his existence.

The story is set in a botanist microcosm. The characters, animals and plants, are rendered with anthropomorphic behaviors, but their description is scientific and accurate. The book presents different levels of interpretation, ranging from the literal one of an adventurous tale to the overlapped one about scientific dissemination in the form of a story, to the moral one and finally the esoteric side about symbolism of the characters and their actions. Within the text even three small hidden messages were included (acrostics formed by the first letters of the title of the chapters and the first and last sentences of each chapter, suggested by the letter written in bold), which may represent an additional challenge to the reader’s curiosity.


The author is a doctor, head of Medicine Departement. Specialist in Allergy, he has produced numerous scientific studies about allergology and in particular on allergenic pollens. He wrote about 200 scientific papers in professional journals, both Italian and foreign, and has been a speaker at numerous national and international scientific conferences of Allergology.
Member of the A.A.I.T.O. (Italian Association of Hospital Allergists), he is responsible for the national network of pollen sampling in the atmosphere.
For more than ten years he has managed an allergy divulgative web site with a "Weekly Pollen Bulletin" www.pollinieallergia.net. The author is even interested in bioethics studies. Her passion is jogging.
He lives in Bordighera, Italy, with his wife, Maresa. Their daughter, Alexandra, has given them, recently, two grandchildren twins, Leonardo and Martina.

He has published the following books:

" Senso di vita". Lirics. (Ed. Gastaldi, Milan, 1964);
" The incidents of organo-iodinated contrast media" (Ed. ECIG, Genoa, 1978);
" The management of the asthmatic patient" (Ed. ECIG, Genoa 1993);
" Aerobiology and seasonal allergens" (Ed. ECIG, Genoa 2006);
" The Allergy to pollen of Cupressaceae" (Ed. Lofarma, Milan, 2007);
" Atlas of allergenic pollens" (Ed. Sinergie, Milan, 2008);
" An ethic for the living world. Environment and Biodiversity "(in collaboration with PA Rossi, Ed Nova Scripta, Genoa 2012).

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What Readers Had To Say

By Stefanie Hamilton

This is just the sweetest science book in the form of a fable. Zeffirino is a little pollen who defies his father and his fate, and he journeys to find the Hidden Garden to fulfill his true existence. Within the context of this story are scientific terms and definitions, as well as illustrations. Dr. Ariano is an allergist, and he has found a way to turn his passion into a story for all ages. Not only do you get to read an intriguing story about Zeffirino and his search for meaning, but you also get to learn about science as you read the book.

In the end, you realize that the story isn't really just about a single small pollen, but that the lessons contained in it can be translated to your own life.

By Elisabeth

This story of Zeffirino's search for the hidden garden under the guidance of his Master Eudosso, is truly a one of a kind masterpiece. A book like this only come along once in a blue moon, and is sure to become a classic. Dr. Renato Ariano has taken all of his knowledge in allergenic pollens and woven them into a truly inspirational tale. This is surely a apologue on man's condition in search of his own sense of life. I highly recommend this title for any and everyone.

"In Search of the Hidden Garden" is an absolutely wonderful book. It didn't take me very long to read because it had me hooked from the start. Being a medical allergist, he applied his knowledge and skills and created this wonderful fable. Not only is this book entertaining, it also a good learning tool! It discreetly teaches you things while still giving you that entertainment. It is a great story and needs to be read by more people. Others need to read this so that they can get hooked on a wonderful tale. I loved it, and I know others will too. Dr. Ariano iran intelligent and talented man. This book is for people of all ages. I recommend reading this one hundred percent

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