Adult Contemporary Romance: Wantin

by Truth Devour

Adult Contemporary Romance: Wantin (Book 1)

Wantin just won at the LA Book festival romance category. To celebrate the e-book has been reduced to .99 cents. Wantin is the first book in the adult contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour.

The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood. Wantin, has been compared by reviewers of all ages to be layered with associations to novels such as Eat Prey Love due to the wonderful global adventures, and novels such as the French classic Emmanuelle and Anaïs Nin’s short story collection Delta of Venus, due to the sexual exploration and expression of the main character Talia Jacobs.

Fate is relentless in its pursuit of Talia Jacobs. Presented with unimaginable turns of chance, she is drawn into the depths of tragic losses then catapulted to the extraordinary heights of life's joy. Take the journey with Talia as she undergoes her sexual, social and physical metamorphosis from a vulnerable girl into a mature young seductress.

Nothing in life is ever as it seems. Is she blessed or cursed? Will she ever find the man who will love her like no other, fearlessly caressing the deepest part of her being while intertwining his soul to hers in a dance that holds the unspoken promise of forever?

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Wantin by Truth Devour is the first book of the series. It depicts the journey of Talia in 3 phases in my opinion.
First, Talia as a kid. Little Talia is extremely shy, lonely to some extent as she has only her nanny Marlee who takes care of her in every best possible way because her parents are always travelling.

Talia, finds a best friend in Bodhi who is the first one to welcome her in her school. This first meeting is described by the author in innocently best possible way.
I also found the entire scene extremely superb where it is revealed to Talia that her parents are no more. The entire setup was something new to read. Another, touching moment was when Talia's aunt and uncle (her mother's sister) came to take her with them. And, left me amazed for authors writing skills and creativity.

Next phase starts from where Talia starts living with her aunt Ruth and her family. Her bonding with Brad was something hardly seen normally. Not anybody has a friend like Brad who would know how to easily buy you into eating when you were planning to go on a hunger spree for forever. When both Talia and Brad enter into their early and late 20s their cousin friendship takes an expected romantic turn. However, both are responsible enough to not commit the sin!

Brad leaves the house and Talia decides to start the journey to know who she is and who her parents were. She meets Ethan in the process and I thought she would settle with this guy because he looked quite sorted out. But Talia's drifting spree takes the better of her and she turns down Ethan as she is afraid of commitment. This is the main turning point of the story as it gives way to the blasting 360 degree turn in Talia's character.

Next phase starts where Talia turns into a sex hungry lady. She sleeps with every man who shows interest in her.
Talia's meeting with the couple in Thailand was heart warming. It was so extraordinary and yet so genuine. I didnt like the previous birth connection part as it was too OTT for me. But that part was a mixed bag of emotion. You feel proud that Talia is a natural in martial arts, you laugh when Talia's potty woes are discussed (ROFL!), you get all emotional when Talia leaves and the couple and their son is all emotion and grateful for her little help.

Doug's part was totally crass still I read through it to be able to keep connected with the story. Then I loved the little phase that Talia shared with Darren. This guy seemed even more awesome then Ethan but Talia had to part ways because well they were not destined to be together.

The peek in into the life of Lena and Jeal Paul was another gem in the story. Author described it so well without making me cringe.

Re-entry of Brad in Talia's life gave me hope that finally two soulmates will unite. But life isnt so easy. LOL!

All in all, I enjoyed the writing style which kept me engaged throughout. There were no flaws in story, and left me wondered as to how it is possible for an author to depict so many shades, culture, and life style of people in a small book :) Respect to author for her dedication and hardwork in the research she must have done to complete the story.

Overall a nice read!
Recommend - Yes definitely! This story is a complete package of action, drama, romance, comedy!

Author Bio

Devour thy own truth ~ embrace it ~ live it ~ love it.

Truth Devour
has been telling stories, writing them, dreaming about them before she could crawl. She has immersed herself in all elements of life that stimulate the imagination and inspires her creative expression. Writing, reading, music, poetry, photography and painting are just a few of the spaces she tends to dabble within. It's her passion & a joy.

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May 06, 2015
by: Psymon H

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