Adult Contemporary Romance: Unrequited

by Truth Devour

Adult Contemporary Romance: Unrequited (Book 2)

The interwoven complexities of life follow Talia Jacobs across time. In spite of the endless challenges, she leverages remarkable strength of character to pursue clear-sighted goals to achieve her dreams.

Talia has been witness to more than just the mystical Seven Wonders of the World. She has swum in open oceans, hiked majestic mountains, chanted with monks, shared laughter and a meal with the poor, yet in slumber the echoes of voices calling out her name haunt her.

Visions appear as a graveyard of unrequited souls left in her wake, aching for her return. What has she become? All Talia desires is wrapped up in the image of a ghost. She wants to believe he exists, her soul mate, the yin to her yang. If only she believed in fairytales.

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(Once again I tried not to give too much away and feel that even if I did, it still wouldn’t compare to the experience of reading it all yourself.)

I was very happy to be able to read the second installment of this series. I likewise was not disappointed. In reading these books I have begun to see that the author Devour had a very unique way of looking at this thing we call life. From what motivated people to behavioral patterns and emotional states Devour has it nailed. In this second installment, through Devour’s story of Talia, you just might find that you’ve learned to see a thing or two in a new light.

This book begins with Talia seeking advice from a fortune teller. Talia seems to have transitioned more into someone that is in touch with herself in a mystical way. Other than brief moments in the last book where she had dreams or was directly influenced by voodoo, her connection to the mystical world wasn’t as apparent as it now seems to be. Talia’s overall personality hasn’t changed nor has her desire to find what she seeks in life.

She is distracted for a while by a relationship in which she felt she could help another, but after disappointment decides not to settle for anything other than finding her truest.
During her wait she begins to form deeper bonds with family and make new friends. She begins to expand her positive influence on more than touching one person at a time and creates a way of helping a community. As in her personal life, she is able to draw people in and becomes a success with her projects.
Talia’s perceptive and mystical abilities continue to be on display. She uses them to help others around her, but fails to see how they are helping her in the long run. Watching and even is some cases aiding in people surrounding her falling in love, she begins to lose faith in ever finding it for herself. After a series of events, however, this changes as Talia begins to follow the lead of her dreams leading her towards something she’s been looking for.

I once again enjoyed the ride Devour’s story telling took me on. And look forward to reading the next installment of this series! I feel as if there’s still so much more to be experienced while taking this journey through the life of Talia.

(I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.)

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May 06, 2015
by: Psymon H

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