Action/Adventure: The Form Benders, The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

by Janet L. Carpenter
(Shaver Lake, CA.)

Jan Carpenter

Jan Carpenter

Jan Carpenter

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jan Carpenter makes her home now in Shaver Lake, California. As a mother of four, she fell in love with the Sierra Mountains on a visit there and didn’t want to leave. She packed up her daughters and moved from Los Angeles to her childhood dream home of the mountains.

She and her husband of 20 plus years have two sons, and two daughters from her first marriage. She loves to spend her time writing, reading and just hanging out with people. She is fascinated by natural healing methods and the Native American culture. She enjoys a good philosophical discussion and solving problems. Her books reflect her deep interest in relationships and discovering what motivates us to do the things we do.

PRLog (Press Release) - Feb 02, 2011 -
In her debut young adult novel, “The Form Benders: The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”, Janet Carpenter takes the reader on a remarkable, breath-taking adventure with the main character, Ripley—a 16 year old boy with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. Ripley’s dreams take him to an imaginary world set deep in the forest near Shaver Lake, CA where he discovers a tribe of characters able to bend their forms from human to animal. His dream soon becomes reality, and his life is transformed from struggling teen to something quite unexpected and extraordinary. Through his experiences in this coming of age tale, Ripley learns the age-old secret of form bending along with the wisdom of the ages and a future beyond his wildest dreams."

“The Form Benders: The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing” is a tightly constructed story full of unflinching observation, telling details, and turns of events, written beautifully with striking originality. It is both lyrical and vivid, showing characters with a rich imaginative engagement with the world as we know it, and with Ripley’s newly discovered world of form benders."

Book Trailer:

Story Blurb: At fifteen, Ripley was just an ordinary kid, in an ordinary world, with little hope of ever getting to be an ordinary teenager. He's doing his best to cope with his mother's loneliness and subsequent drinking after his father's abandonment seven years before. The hands of fate seem to converge the day before his birthday when Ripley meets Ms. Washington from the Child Protective Services agency-and his adventure begins.

"The Form Benders, The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" is available in paperback and Ebook at:



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Apr 03, 2013
Second book in "The Form Bender" series comes out this summer!
by: Jan C.

In Jan Carpenter’s ongoing saga, Ripley, a young shape-shifter, must overcome his debilitating fears and nearly insurmountable obstacles to save his true love, Whitemane, from certain death.

Malador, Oren, Skerrin, and others of the bender clan, soon join Ripley on his quest to find the mysterious Kirradar—a legendary tribe thought to possess an antidote for the poisonous bite of the Aldrich.

In a race against time, Ripley must struggle to cross the brutally rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains while also adjusting to his new form—that of a bear. Eventually, he must not only conquer the jagged mountains, but will soon be cast into a dark and mysterious forest filled with malevolent creatures—all intent on one thing—Ripley’s destruction.

Ultimately, Ripley finds the Kirradar, but must now to face the trials in order to prove himself worthy of being called a Kirradar warrior. Now, within the Twisting Tribunal, Ripley must search for something deep within himself if he has any hope of surviving the severe tests set before him and acquiring the antidote in time to save Whitemane.

“Jan Carpenter delivers a classic tale of human endurance, love, and loyalty as she guides her readers on a breathless tour through a land of magic and mystery,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “The Form Benders: The Bear Essentials is not only a grand representation of intelligent fantasy writing, but a true merging of dynamic plot, intense scenes, and genuinely absorbing characters.”

Apr 03, 2013
Coming of Age Fantasy with some Teeth -
by: Ramon De Javier

The Form Benders provides a engaging read reminiscent of Harry Potter and other coming of age fantasy adventures. Carpenter's writing is somewhat verbose in its descriptions which may challenge some young readers. While Carpenter captures the frantic life of a troubled teen and the metaphor of transitioning into adult life, some of the topics are very heavy creating a dark story. Do not pick up this book expecting a "fluffy" fantasy read, Carpenter gives some teeth to a fantasy coming of age story.

Carpenters style is quick paced and some readers may become lost as she transitions between the "mundane" world and the world of the "form benders." Though the book starts off slow it builds steam and ultimately provides a satisfying ending with hints of more to come. Carpenters debut presents a well written and thought out story that follows time tested tropes to produce a good read on par with many books in the genre.

Apr 03, 2013
Great Read!
by: Roy Mitten

The Form Benders: The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing was a thoroughly enjoyable book all around. The authors (Janet Carpenter) writing style made the book attention grabbing and kept me focused on the book for hours at a time. While there were a couple parts that confused me, it was certainly nowhere near enough to degrade the quality and effort that Janet has clearly put into the book to make it exciting and hard to put down. It is a book that I would certainly recommend to my friends and one that people of most ages could enjoy, though some of the grammar and words may be tough for younger readers. I look forward to reading the sequel!

Apr 03, 2013
An Incredibly Interesting Read
by: Carol Pack

"The Form Benders-The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" is an imaginatively written suspense novel that blends tribal mysticism, and the natural world, with form benders - humans who can change into animals, and the evil society that would stop at nothing to eradicate all form benders.

Author Janet Lee Carpenter's 16 year-old protagonist, Ripley, is very engaging, with a fierce independence, yet a natural warmth and sense of loyalty; and the supporting characters are equally interesting. This is a wonderful book with a sweet coming-of-age story that proves you don't have to travel to another planet, to encounter a wonderful, new world.

Feb 24, 2013
The Form Benders....Author Billboard
by: BCBC

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