#ActionAdventure - "Rat" A Cop's Secret Weapon

by Edmond Gagnon
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

“Rat” is a story based on the author’s thirty-one year career in policing. The characters were inspired by the people he met and worked with every day.

The story is told through his eyes, following the main character from his rookie days when he first walked a beat. Police procedures, drama, and action are seen through the eyes of a cop found in the middle of it all. Acceptance from his peers, the thirst for knowledge, and the pursuit of criminals are the obstacles ahead of him.

The cop receives information from a friend that results in his first big bust. From that experience, he learns the true value of a police informant.

The rookie learns how to fight and work the streets, while becoming a seasoned street cop. He gets into bar fights, runs into a burning house, and deals with killers and their victims. The duality of reality and humor are portrayed through a high speed chase, and practical jokes.

More obstacles, such as bad partners, transfers, and politics are overcome as the cop matures and learns his trade. The underbelly of society is revealed in narcotics, but the cop learns to rely on a variety of informants to educate him in the different drug subcultures.

Kicking in doors, and seizing drugs and guns, becomes his every day routine. Special projects, search warrants and wire taps test his resolve and skill level.

Re-inventing the wheel is something the cop becomes accustomed to doing, to get the job done. He earns a reputation for doing just that; getting the job done.

New policies and techniques have to be implemented to try and stay one step ahead of the criminals, and the politics of the job. The cop takes his skills and informants into areas of policing where they were never used before. The smarts he learned on the street help him to hone his skills, and become a keen investigator.

The informants were as different as the crimes he investigated; they were from all walks of life. The story focuses on their stories; who they were, how they became informants, and the outcome.

The cop has a knack for developing a rapport with these people, and it paid off. Their information led to seizures of guns, drugs, cash, stolen property, and the arrest of known criminals. Serious frauds and arson cases were resolved with the help of the cop’s informants. They are called Rats, but they are invaluable to the police in their fight against crime.

Author Bio: Edmond Gagnon is a retired police officer
who traveled the world after leaving his 31 year career. To chronicle his travel adventures and misadventures he wrote his first book of short stories called "A Casual Traveler." After catching the writing bug, Ed decided to share some of his police stories. He wrote "Rat" the first book in his "Black & White" series. He is currently writing the second book in that series.

"Police uniforms and cars may be black and white, but on the street, in real life, nothing is black & white."

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Sep 14, 2013
by: Psymon H

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