Action And Adventure Author L.E. Truscott Pulls The Trigger On Another Great BCBC Interview


When I think action and adventure I instantly ruminate high octane and fast pace storylines that keep me on the edge of my seat. “Enemies Closer” by L.E. Truscott fits nicely into this category with an uncontrollable book joyride. If you’re queuing up to read this title please be aware that there are no seatbelts, brakes or steering wheels available. Instead, there are only sharp corners and head on collisions with engrossing characters….Action bibliophiles Warning: You may be tempted to read this electrifying narrative in one sitting; if bum numbness has been an issue in the past, please switch cheeks.


Cassandra Broderick is a former US Marine now working in the weapons industry. Antonia Parker is the CIA agent who thinks she could be the key to breaking open her latest case.

They have two things in common: they’re both about to have their hearts broken and their lives turned upside down. Someone is setting them up – for murder and espionage.

To clear their names, they must trust each other on a journey that will take them from Washington, D.C. to Beijing. And together they will find out that it pays to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

 Enemies Closer is full of twists and turns, shootings, kidnappings, explosions, non-stop action, a bit of romance and some good old-fashioned revenge.

Interview With Psymon H 

Action And Adventure Q1: What motivates the action of Cassandra Broderick and to what degree does her past play a role in her present actions? Are those actions justified?

L.E. Truscott: Cassandra is always motivated by wanting to do the right thing but her temper often gets the better of her. Because she is a woman in a man’s world, she is also motivated by wanting to prove that she is just as good as the men she is working with but it sometimes means she shows them up with little regard for their egos – she’s not the kind of woman who will dumb herself down to make others feel better about themselves.

Cassandra’s past plays a huge role in her present actions. She is a former US Marine and was subtly and gradually forced out of the military by the hierarchy when she found out about something she wasn’t supposed to know. Because she works in the defence industry, she still has to deal with a lot of military people and her view of them and their view of her is coloured by what she went through. She has a reputation as a troublemaker in the military even though what she knows, the reason for her being forced out, is highly top secret and known by very few people, not even her best friend, Xavier, who is still a US Marine.

I think Cassandra’s actions are justified. She’s being framed and almost everybody who knows even just a tiny bit about her thinks she’s capable of what she’s being accused of. I think everybody would fight like hell to prove their innocence and restore their reputation.

Action And Adventure Q2: Which characters do you admire or dislike and why? What are their primary characteristics and how would you describe them?

 L.E. Truscott: I think there are elements in all of my characters that I both like and dislike. I couldn’t give a lot of air time to characters who have absolutely no redeeming qualities, which I suppose is why the villains in my stories spend a lot of time in the shadows. And nobody’s perfect. I couldn’t write and I wouldn’t want to read about someone who always does the right thing, never makes mistakes and has the perfect life. In fact, it makes for a dull story.

I love Cassandra’s “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude but if I knew her in real life her violent tendencies would frighten me! And I love Antonia’s ability to stay calm and professional under the most trying of situations but she can be quite judgmental, although it’s a necessary by product of her job as a CIA Analyst.

Action And Adventure Q3: Can you give the reader an example of a day in the life of L.E. Truscott, the author?

L.E. Truscott: Wake up, feed cats, feed me, get ready, drive to work, work, spend lunchtime researching for the book I am writing or marketing for the book I have most recently released, work, drive home, feed cats, feed me, spend two or three hours writing, watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica (or whichever TV show I am currently obsessing about), sleep, repeat. Unfortunately, I have to work a full-time job to pay the bills and it takes up an enormous amount of my time but it means a roof over my head and some financial stability that is often lacking for a writer when you try to write full time. I’m a corporate writer and editor, so at least I am still using my writing and editing skills and keeping them fresh.

Action And Adventure Q4: If your Action Adventure narrative was made into a movie, what actors would you like to see playing your lead characters? And why?

L.E. Truscott: Whenever I play this game, I always like to cast actors who physically fit the description but also who aren’t so famous for another role that people always think of a different character.

For Cassandra, I’d choose the English actress Jessica Brown Findlay, best known as the youngest sister in Downton Abbey. Cassandra spent her formative years living in the UK and Australia before relocating to the US when she was a teenager, so she most definitely does not have an American accent and physically Jessica’s spot on. For Antonia, Australian actress Rachael Taylor fits the physical bill and can play the strength, the seriousness and the vulnerability of this character.

It's been great fun interviewing you; Black Caviar wishes you the very best with this and future book projects....Keep up the hard work.

Readers: It's time to add a little action to your must read list....More action means less dust on your eBook Reader, so "Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend To Keep Their Friends Close But Their ENEMIES CLOSER. "


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