Action Adventure: The Toppled Cross

by Bruce Call



Action Adventure - The Toppled Cross Kindle Edition & In Paperback.

So here it was, just after four o'clock. I'd been in Nicaragua less than two hours. I'd been beaten to a pulp, cast off by the Old Man, and shunned by his daughter. It was a new record for me.

State Department librarian Jamie Beckett can't buy a break. First he's forced to chopper in to a Nicaraguan embassy in the middle of a hurricane. Then he gets ambushed and left for dead in his own bathroom. And finally he's selected to stand trial for American war crimes when Sandinista terrorists take over the embassy compound. This just isn't his day.

But maybe those Sandinistas aren't terrorists after all. Maybe they're not out to flex their fanatic muscle and command the world stage. Maybe they chose a hurricane so the world would never know. Maybe they're after something far more... satisfying.

If the terrorists have something else in mind, somebody's got to stop them. But can Beckett do it? He's locked in an old stone church with walls two feet thick. Outside a hurricane is raging. The timer's set and the clock is ticking. Any normal librarian would find a corner and curl up like a frightened armadillo.

But Beckett's not normal. And he's barely a librarian

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By Denalee C. Chapman on October 23, 2014

Engaging, captivating, humurous, intense. I loved everything about reading The Toppled Cross! My usual recreational reading time got expanded this past little while because I never wanted to put the book down!

But the great thing is that time halting my reading didn't matter - when I opened the book again, I was immediately back in Central America caught between tension and concern for the characters and anticipation for the next witty remark Beckett would make. Incidentally, "snarky" is now one of my favorite words. Thanks Jamie Beckett!

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Feb 16, 2016
by: Psymon h

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