Action Adventure: The Devil Of Darfur

by Dave Edlund
(Bend, Oregon USA)

Welcome. Thank you for landing your mouse here. My name is Dave Edlund, and "The Devil of Darfur" continues the exploits of Peter Savage and friends following "Unintended Consequences". A native of the Pacific Northwest and graduate of the University of Oregon, I'm a scientist, inventor, and writer. And when I am not doing these things, I am walking my dogs and simply enjoying the outdoors.

"The Devil of Darfur" is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader into the near future, extrapolating science fact into plausible new discoveries and technology. Neanderthal DNA, recovered from skeletal remains found deep within the cool recesses of a cave in southern France, is replicated and sequenced. A brilliant geneticist named Ming is funded to develop a method to fuse this Neanderthal DNA with human DNA. The goal ... a superior, and completely expendable, soldier. As Ming's scientific successes mount, his work reaches the point where human test subjects are required and, for the right price, the government of Sudan is happy to cooperate. But Ming’s deviant brilliance goes far beyond genetics, and soon even his benefactors are regretting their association with the man known locally as the devil.



For a sample chapter follow this link:
"The Devil of Darfur" and “Unintended Consequences” are available through my web site (paperback only) at
Paperback and e-book formats may be purchased through several online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ask David, and Smashwords).

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Feb 17, 2013
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by: Psymon H

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