Action Adventure: Psychs

by A. H. Amin

- Psychs, the first book of the Psych series.

- Short Bio: A. H. Amin was born in Iraq, and had lived most of his life in Kuwait. He studied dentistry in Emirates in his first years and then continued in Egypt.

He had first came across to his talent when he met a group of students in Emirates who were discussing the making of a movie. After seeing how his ideas had impressed them he started to take a little interest in literature.
He started finally after he came up with the idea of a new Action Thriller book, ‘Psychs’, after he received good criticism about the idea.

At present, he continue to write the Psych series, with the second one entitled THE REMNANT just around the corner and a new fictional story inspired by true events that occurred in South Africa.

- Psychs is based mainly in the near future, set in the two great cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it tells the story of Hassan, a man with a unique gift. Hassan has eight spirits connected to his existence by the tragic event of his birth. The ghosts protect Hassan as he grows from a boy into a man and guide him throughout his life in Abu Dhabi and his days as a student in Liverpool.

However, the ghosts also teach him some of their own skills that give Hassan an edge. These include first aid, martial arts and other techniques that the ghosts learned during their time in the living world. Hassan decides to use his guardians and the skills they have taught him to become a vigilantly and help stop bad people from operating in his city. And that’s when he’ll realize how easy it is to face death in that business and how much he will be wishing for a miracle… other than the one he has.

- Pre-Publication video of Psychs:

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Dec 01, 2012
Psychs....Author Billboard
by: Psymon H

Very impressive Billboard and book....The Black Caviar would like to thank you for taking the time adding your video.

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