Action Adventure Fantasy: Eden Found

by Dustin Lawson

Action Adventure Fantasy: Eden Found The Sin of Sinlessness.

If Jesus and Darwin teamed up to write a novel it would have been Eden Found.

The Garden of Eden, a peaceful world formed from Creation, and Valdar, a harsh survival of the fittest world formed from evolution, have existed side by side with only a river separating them for earth's entire 72 year existence. The two worlds have had no interaction because domed over Eden is Innocence Guard, an invisible protective energy field that keeps anything from leaving or entering the garden as long as Eden is sinless.

When Eden was created, a half angel and half demon entity named Demjel was given a mission from Lucifer: go to Eden and convince the first human sinner that eating forbidden was a good choice. But in Eden's 72 years neither Adam, Eve, nor any of their over three hundred descendants have eaten forbidden fruit.

The story opens with Demjel sitting in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil performing his favorite hobby, restlessly mocking sinless Eden for how ignorant and boring it is. Then Eden's newest couple, Ariel and Lena, consummate their relationship under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a practice that has always been done under the Tree of Life. That night, alone, one of them comes back to the tree and eats forbidden fruit, eliminating Eden's sinlessness and destroying the protection of Innocence Guard. The first human sinner, along with Demjel, then flee Eden and enter Valdar in hopes that by not interacting with any other humans they will keep sin out of the garden. What they don't realize is that once one falls, they all fall.

Meanwhile, the most physically and mentally evolved creature in Valdar, a four armed flying self-aware beast named Sife, has been trying to find a way into Eden because he thinks the garden contains a higher level of evolution than what Valdar can provide for him. With Innocence Guard decimated he finally has his wish.

Will Sife and the rest of Valdar destroy Eden or will Adam find a way to restore Eden's sinlessness, thus resurrecting Innocence Guard to full strength? Will Eve, feeling empowered by the knowledge of good and evil, thwart Adam's goal of restoring Eden's sinlessness? Will Eden's newest lovers, Ariel and Lena, be reunited? Will Demjel be able to convince the first human sinner that eating forbidden fruit was a good choice? Why was Eden and Valdar created next to each other to begin with?

Author Bio

Dustin Lawson
is from Ohio. Throughout high school and college he worked as a lion and tiger trainer at a big cat reservation and dreamt of becoming the next Jungle Jack Hannah. Instead, after college, Dustin spent a year traveling the world as the personal assistant to an author. During that year, he found his true calling as a writer. Dustin is a cancer survivor. Because of his history of cancer, the military rejected him 13 times over the span of five and a half years before finally letting him in. He is now a public affairs officer in the National Guard. Dustin also has a master’s degree in Global Politics.

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Author Videos

This is the beginning of me getting attacked by a tiger. It is only the beginning of the attack because the trainer filming thought it more important to stop filming and help me than continue taping. I wish they would have filmed the whole thing. I had the situation under control.

Lions, and Tigers and Lawson, Oh My!
Footage from my eight years as a lion and tiger trainer.

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Dec 09, 2014
by: Psymon H

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