Action, Adventure, Comedy, Hatecore: Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F***ing Mystery

by Keith Blackwater
(Upper Peninsula, Michigan, United States)

Cover art for Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F***ing Mystery

Cover art for Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F***ing Mystery

Cover art for Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F***ing Mystery
A cartoonish rendering of America's #1 private detective, Hardcase McDougal
Could this be a clue?! (one of four fine-quality illustrations from the book.)

Hardcase McDougal and the Huge F***ing Mystery

Ever wished you could find a fun, sexy novel about robots, Communist plots, alcoholism, drug use, racial tension, geomagnetic reversal, neo-American attitudes, and sexism?


Well, you should probably get on board with all that stuff and read Hardcase McDougal anyway!

“HARDCASE MCDOUGAL AND THE HUGE F***ING MYSTERY is like if somebody put WHITE FANG and THE TERMINATOR in a meat grinder and made a juicy meatloaf, then wrapped it in a bacon of musky sensuality and impeccable literary style. You like ketchup on your meatloaf? Well we're all out of ketchup, but what we do have is a gritty, raw portrait of American violence, racial tension, and misogyny. Keith Blackwater is one surrealist who knows how to keep it real.”
--Nobody actually said this

Keith Blackwater is a freelance adventurist who has contributed, under other names, to a variety of high-class literary venues including Space Squid, Horror Garage, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges in to Michigan. Hardcase McDougal and the Huge Fucking Mystery is his first novel. His hobbies include fishing, the electric guitar, and non-competitive axe throwing. He can be found somewhere along Lake Superior's frozen south shore.

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