A Word for Today:
Inspirational Messages to Take You Higher, Help You Face Life Struggles, Take You Through Life and Each Day.
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A Word for Today:  Inspirational Messages to Take You Higher, Help You Face Life Struggles, Take You Through Life and Each Day. Read A Sample ChapterWhenever you see the above picture image appear on our news feed, take it that we have another free chapter for you to read and share!

A Word for Today: Inspirational Messages to Take You Higher, Help You Face Life Struggles, Take You Through Life and Each Day


Eston Swaby

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"How do you get past your past? How do you overcome the obstacles you’re facing right now? How do you deal with issues with your own self and people around you? God made us to be victors and not victims, warriors and not weaklings, overcomers and not be overcome by fear, low self-esteem, emotional issues, feeling inferior or living below our privilege. Like a bridge is constructed not to break under the pressures of the heavy duty trucks and buses each day, so has the Lord created us not to break under the pressures of life.

However, millions of people are living each day defeated when they should be victors, dying slowly when they should be living to their full potential, in the wilderness for forty years when they should have been in the promise land. They allow the enemy to steal their joy, peace, family, and life; if you are one of them, haven’t you gotten tired of living a defeated life? Aren’t you tired of living below your privilege? If you are, then it is time to rise up and start living.

A Word for Today will wake you up each morning with an inspirational, uplifting, and life-changing word for your situations from the Word of God. God wants you to live an abundant life; you are uncontainable and you are a victor and not a victim. Do not let fear, doubt, low self-esteem, situations you face, people, your past, among others, hold you back from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

Whether you are a Christian or non-Christian, struggling with an issue or not, A Word for Today will take you to another level of thinking, blessings, and help you to fulfill your purpose.

Praises for A Word for Today
“A Word for Today, written by a young man with a passion for God is very inspiring. If read on a daily basis will inspire you to face the challenges that you encounter on a daily basis. Regardless of your age, sex, nationality, mental or financial status you face, obstacles, trials, persecutions and discouragements at times, A Word for Today mixed with prayer and faith will motivate and encourage you to face these obstacles with a positive attitude. You will be empowered to rise above your situation and be propelled to fulfill your God-ordained assignment and ultimately reach your destiny. Congratulations to Eston Swaby on his dedication in writing this book.
“May the Lord bless all who read this book as you travel on this uplifting spiritual journey.” —Elder Norman Nunes, Belfield Holiness Born Again

“This book will be an inspiration to others as they go through life with its varied trials and circumstances and seek to have a closer walk with him.I endorse this book and pray it will prove to be a blessing to many. God bless you.” —Elder Ransford Stewart, Wiltshire Holiness Born Again

“It is imperative that as children of God we develop a deep and fulfilling relationship with the Lord. Prayer, bible study, and meditation upon the word is the lifeline of the believer. However, as believers we often have a struggle between our desire for God and our discipline in devotion on a daily basis. It is for this cause that God has raised up Brother Eston Swaby to write this devotional to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ in our daily walk with the Lord. These nuggets of encouragement and stories of strength will inspire the reader to walk in victory day by day and grow in the grace of God through a consistent relationship with the Lord. For it is he who first kneels before God that can stand before anyone else thereafter. It is my prayer that you are blessed and uplifted by this devotional as you build great faith in God one day at a time.” —Pastor Odane James, Transformation Centre, Florida" 

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A Word for Today Sample Chapter Read

Day 1

"God is a God of strategies. There are times we may think that our life is going in the wrong direction, but it’s all about God’s divine will. Like Joseph was strategically sent into Egypt as a slave, so the Lord uses obstacles to strategically position us in the place he wants us."

Scriptures of the Day: Genesis 39: 1-23;



There are many of us who God has given a dream, God says he will make you ruler and not slave, but everything happening in your life is going contrary to what God said. God says he blesses you financially, but all you are seeing is unpaid bills and no money to take you through the rest of the month. If you’re in this position, then this message is for you.


God sometimes will strategically lead us down a path that may seem like we are going in the wrong direction, but God knows what he is doing. God know where he wants you to be ten years from now, and knows that if he does not at times allow you to face some situations, you will not have what it takes to be who he called you to be. His ways does not always seem straight or fair; but his will is sovereign and he knows what he is doing. He is not a God who wakes up one morning and says he is going to do this or that; he is not a God that can be taken by surprise or a God whose purpose on your life can be abandoned. At times he may allow us to take a detour, but his purpose for you will always be fulfilled. If he says it, then it shall come to pass.


God showed Joseph when he was about 17 years of age that he will be ruler; but he did not tell or show Joseph the path to the throne. God will show us our purpose and where he is taking us- he is going to make you the CEO of your company, you’re going to own your own business, you’re going to travel the world preaching the gospel, He is going to make you a pastor- but he will not show you the pit in between the spoken Word or vision and the fulfillment of the promise; he did not tell his disciples that on their way across the lake to go to the other side they will encounter a storm that will threaten to kill them. Why? Because he wants you to trust him that whatever may come between the promise and the fulfillment of that promise he will take you through it. 


Sometimes if God should show us the path we will have to take to our ministry, purpose or blessing we would back out and say 'no Lord its okay, I'll pass.' The thoughts God has towards you are of peace and to give you an expected end - not to destroy you. 


For the promise to be fulfilled in Joseph's life, he had to be hated by his brothers and then thrown in a pit. The pit is not there to keep you down but it is to elevate you to greatness because the way up is always down. Do not worry about those who looked down on you and stepped on you as they are just a stepping stone to where God wants to bring you. God knew that in order for you to be great he first had to allow people to hate you, looked down at you, step on you and so on. He knew that you would not give up, but will use what you have been through for his purpose. However, sometimes we allow what God sends to make us strong and to strategically place us in our purpose to deter us from the path. It's like walking on a pathway to somewhere, there sometimes will be obstacles in our way but if we allow these obstacles to stop us then we will not reach the end of the pathway. Joseph was in Egypt as a slave, but slavery was God positioning him for his purpose. God may have told you that you will be the head of a company but sometimes to make you the head he first has to allow you to take a job as the Janitor of the company he wants you to manage.  


Everything that happened to Joseph was in God's plan: hated by his brothers, thrown in the pit, sold in slavery, Potiphar's wife lied on him and he was thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit, the promise by Pharaoh's butler to put in a good word to the king for him but he forgot. Years of betrayal, imprisonment, disappointments, rejection was to take Joseph to the throne. Everything seems like it was going in the wrong direction but it was all a part of the process and everything happened in God's time, not his. Even though Joseph could not see what God was doing he kept his eyes on God. 


Here is how God worked out his plan in Joseph’s life: there was a famine throughout the world so Jacob had to send his sons into Egypt for food. When his brothers went into Egypt Joseph was second in command in Egypt and in charge of the food supply. If God did not allow Joseph's brothers to hate and send him into Egypt the entire world, including God's people would have died of hunger. The same brothers that hated and said they will not bow to him ended up bowing to him and their life was now in Joseph’s hand.


Moving Forward


As you go through this day, what is happening in your life that seems contrary to your vision, or the promise of God? It's all a part of God's design for your life. We all want God to take us into our purpose, but first before we can go up we must first go down into our valley. What God is asking of you is that you do not stop on one of those stones as it's not where God wants you to be; the stepping stone is a stone put in your path for you to reach where God wants you to be. The valley you find yourself in is to take you to the other side of the mountain; a higher mountain than the one you are coming from. Joseph was in the pit; but the pit was not his final destination.      


You may be in your pit right now, but don't lose focus and don't lay in self-pity as where you are now is not your final destination; you haven't seen all you are fully capable of as yet. Will you trust him when your life is taking a U-turn? Will you trust him when you don't understand? God does not expect you to stop in the wilderness but he expects you to continue into the promise land.  God bless you.


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