A Paranormal Mystery: The Seventh Sons

by Domino Finn

A Paranormal Mystery: The Seventh Sons - blends a dark noir feel with horror for a read that’s tense

Digging for bodies is easy. The trick is not becoming one.

Maxim Dwyer is fed up. With the small town he lives in, the police force he works for, and the Seventh Sons: an outlaw motorcycle club that gets away with murder, literally. Since his wife's disappearance the detective has nothing left to lose, and rumors that the Seventh Sons are werewolves won't deter him any longer.

Diego rides into town with a vendetta of his own. Although a stranger, he knows more about the wolves than he lets on. His reckless actions lead to a roadhouse brawl, a bloody attack, and a night in jail.

Unable to back down, the two men expose some unsettling truths. Whether they are partners or rivals, one thing is clear: Maxim and Diego are both targets.

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ISBN-10: 0692317066
ISBN-13: 978-0692317068

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What One Reader Had To Say!

The Seventh Sons of Sycamore is a fictional book about werewolves. These are not the werewolves of old, but motorcycle riding, wheeling and dealing creatures in Arizona. Maxim Dwyer is a detective and Diego is a biker suspected of murder. The Seventh Sons Motorcycle Club thrives under the presidency of Deborah, or “Mom”.

She has a truce with the local police that basically says, “You don’t bother us, and we won’t bother you.”

This arrangement is standing procedure until Maxim stirs the pot. A biker is murdered at the Sycamore Lodge and Maxim decides that it is time for someone to dig into the motorcycle club. Something is not right and he intends to find out just what it is. Diego begins to tell Maxim about the werewolves, but sometimes you must see to believe. When two bikers flee police custody by demolishing a hospital room and escaping by jumping from a window, Maxim is convinced. No human had the strength to cause that kind of destruction.

Before long he realizes that both he and Diego are looking for missing loved ones and somehow The Seventh Sons and the werewolves play a part in the disappearances.

Before long the government waltzes into the area and a conspiracy begins to unravel. Diego stumbles across an underwater graveyard, three people jump to their deaths, and sweet old Mom knows all about it. Follow along as greed, experiments, betrayal, and the supernatural blend together is an action packed tale that kept me turning the pages. Will silver bullets kill the werewolves? Will Diego and Maxim find their loved ones and will they still be human if they do? Help comes from the unexpected as the truth about modern werewolves unfolds.

I really enjoyed this book! The author developed the characters in such a way that I could feel what they felt and I understood the pain of both the good and bad guys. The book cover became more meaningful as I realized the significance of the weapon shown. I do consider the cover before I buy a book and I would purchase this one thinking of murder. It is about murder, but read it and I guarantee that you will find so much more! I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little supernatural, love, and action along with mystery. I am definitely waiting for a sequel.

Author Bio

Domino Finn
is an entertainment industry veteran, a contributor to award-winning video games, and an author of several Contemporary Fantasy novels. Whether writing gritty police procedurals or chronicling the exploits of an irreverent partier, his stories are notable for burning down genre walls primed with supernatural veneer. If Domino could shout one message to the world, it would be that it's okay to take fantasy seriously.

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Mar 14, 2015
by: Psymon H

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