A Memoir Of Pie,
An Inspirational Horse Who Touched Many Lives



  A Memoir of "Pie The Old Brown Horse" is a touching acknowledgement to one of the most inspirational animals who touched the soul of many people. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview author Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo who witnessed the transformation of Pie from old ranch horse to a merchant of hope. Before we get into this uplifting interview, here is the book blurb.


This is the story of a twenty five year old ranch horse that was injured and pretty much left to die. He was brought to a stable and sold, even though no one really expected him to survive. He was reborn into a merchant of hope. His amazing spirit and calmness have helped many people over the next 13 years as he became the most amazing mentor and therapy horse. This is Pie's story as he tells it about the most amazing second chance at life and his travels through it. You will meet his person, a shy young girl who he helps grow into adulthood. He will introduce you to the other horses and people that helped shape his journey. His influence has known no bounds throughout this last 13 years and he continues to shine his light even at the ripe old age of 38. This is a feel good story about life, love, second chances and giving back.


AUTHOR Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo  

A MEMOIR QUESTION 1: I'm interested to know how close Pie was to being put down before being sold and what made someone see value in him at his worse?

Kandy:  This is an interesting question and the answer is probably not going to be one you would expect.  Pie was in really bad shape and many people probably would have put him down if they were concerned about him suffering. They did not spend money on him to fix him after he was injured, he was left to heal or die on his own.  

 You see it costs about two hundred dollars to pur a horse down. Unfortunately for some horses, people do not want to put that much into them. Pie was sent with the old cowboy to be sold just to get him off the property so they wouldn't have to deal with him


The man that took him did not expect him to survive very long, but he recognized he was a well trained, well behaved horse and figured he could sell him to someone and he would live long enough for them to get hooked on horses. That way when Pie was gone they would come to him looking for another more expensive horse. I'm sad to say that was the only real value anyone saw in him at the time. But we can't complain, it got Pie to us and that is really all that counts in our book.

A MEMOIR QUESTION 2: I dear say if Pie was a human he would be having his fair share of speaking engagements and book signings. Reading your book summary, it appears Pie may have had his own psychological issues to overcome. How surprised were you at Pie's development and relationship with the shy young girl?

 Kandy: Pie did have some issues to overcome and some of them he has never overcome. To this day he will not turn his back on anything that has horns. He also will not load into a trailer by himself. I really don't know if his work ethic is from before he was injured or after, but he is one of the hardest working horses I have ever met. These are all things that we can live with quite easily. I was really quite surprised he didn't come with more baggage.

 I was amazed at Pie's willingness to recover. Once he and the little one got together his recovery seemed to go into overdrive. He was always trying for her, no matter what it was or how much it must have hurt him to do so. The two of them bonded instantly. It was an amazing thing to see. The surprising thing is how well he worked for her because he had been worked by men his entire life prior to her. I guess he knew a good thing when he saw it and wasn't going to do anything to ruin it.


A MEMOIR QUESTION 3: What’s your connection to this horse and in all your years, have you ever seen an animal who has influenced the lives of many for the better on this level?

 Kandy:    This horse and I have been together for fourteen years now. He has never belonged to anyone other than the little one, but he allows me to take care of him. So you could say, I am his keeper.  He was for years the best friend and pasture mate to my horse.  

Yes, I have seen many animals that have affected people's lives for the better. I have seen therapy dogs, horses and cats that have had great impacts on human lives, but none as many as Pie. That is why I had to write this story. Pie's light of goodness is so bright I felt his story needed to be shared with others who were not fortunate enough to meet him in person. He is one exceptional horse.

A MEMOIR QUESTION 4: The first thing I noticed about the book was it's uplifting appeal. What message do you have for the reader?

Kandy: This story struck me as an amazing story about rebuilding lives, and giving back.  The message I have for the reader is that even an animal can overcome adversity and make it back to a life that actually gives back. It is an amazing feel good story with a good ending.  

When you read this book you will follow Pie's live story since he has been rescued. You are right, Pie's story is an very uplifting tale and leaves you with a really good feeling after reading it. In my opinion, the world needs more feel good stories in it.



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