The Farm Boy Who Became King
Luperto Aji. 
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The Farm Boy Who Became King by Luperto Aji

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This is a coming of age story - a young single father who was raised on a farm suddenly found himself entrusted with the power, and fate of a monarchy.

Le Tran Noro was greatly loved as a child, and embraced life buoyed by great friendships and a remarkable future ahead. He found headaches in love, in freedom and in the ordinary life he went through, yet he was contented and would not have it any other way.

A personal tragedy that haunted him the rest of his life was duly accepted as part of life, and so was the responsibility he inherited from it.

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The Farm Boy Who Became King Chapter Read 

Life in the Farm

Decades from now, history would tell of me as a patriarch of a royal line, which actually didn’t even carry my name, not for long though, for my 16 year long reign. During that short period of time I oversaw a period of great turbulence and later, equally great prosperity of the Royal Planet of Zumanec.

My commoner origin, which I would divulge later, was not considered a mishaps or drawbacks by historians. Nevertheless, it was not considered the source of my triumph either, despite the obsession of many scholars and memoir writers to attribute the humble beginning of a person to his later success in life. Apparently it was because a person with not so majestic a background like me becoming a central royalty was neither uncommon nor unprecedented before in the planet’s history. 

My accession and leadership were very much legitimate, given Zumanec’s very unique royal law that essentially was the core law in the founding of the planet. Nevertheless, it had been criticized by many as diluting the regal position of the sovereigns. Worst still, total strangers from outside Zumanec might and had been enthroned, a possible cause of conflict for the absolute monarchy with its subjects.

However, the wisdom of the first King of Zumanec when drafting the law seemed to surface with generations of exceptional individuals in the royal front, many of whom possessed not a stint of the blood of the first King, yet devoted themselves to the greatness of His Majesty’s descendants, and most importantly, of the planet he founded. Even the survival of the monarchy was an astonishing feat whereupon monarchies throughout the galaxy crumbled with the advent of new politics and ideologies.

Despite my introduction as a future royal patriarch, being a patriarch itself was unthinkable of me in my own commoner family back in the farm. My father was your everyday farmer with cattle, chickens, ducks and wheat farm, while my mother was, unsurprisingly, one farmer’s wife cum housewife who woke up early in morning preparing breakfast for her children and scolding them for not tidying their bed-sheets.
The small town where I grew up, Kanya-Ville was one of the several towns in the Muhu County. The small county in turn was one of the hundreds of counties in the Duchy of Melotril, which itself was one of the administrative polities of collective earldoms, duchies and principalities of the Royal Planet of Zumanec.

Being the youngest of seven siblings, as a kid I was easily at the bottom of the food chain in the house. Whenever anything went wrong, a spilt milk, a cat running loose in the house, the refrigerator door left opened and the likes, I would be the first to be blamed (although I would admit to many of them). 

It was thought that there would be only six of them for several years, with my sister Camiya resigned to be the baby of the family. Nevertheless when Camiya turned twelve, my mother got pregnant with me, to the delight and relief of Camiya who was the initial blame absorber in the house.

As my brothers and sisters later left the house for further studies and having a family of their own, my existence became the greatest gift to my aging parents.

Despite my earlier representation of myself as being at the bottom of the food chain in the house, being the youngest had its perks. My elder brothers and sisters, especially my second eldest brother Koto, would always give in to me if I wanted a toy or a special delicacy, which irritated my father, who discouraged them to spoil me

However according to Koto, my father was a billion times less strict on me then on them when they were growing up. Along with the stability of my parents’ income during my birth, I was the only child born in a private hospital. As Koto also stated many times, I was the only one ‘who saw a personal computer and video games in the house upon being born’.

My father, Jovic Noro, was a simple but educated person who dedicated himself to his wife and family. Following the footsteps of his forefathers, my father was a farmer. The Noros had migrated from the Grand Duchy of Felfin of the Planet of the Hoshir Federation around 500 years earlier during the founding of Zumanec.

Along with many of the thousands who followed the first King to open the new planet at that time, the first generation Noro couple was given a vast farming land. My father only inherited a small acreage of this, since the land was further divided among the descendants. My father became the only Noro left when he was young due to the tendency of the Noros to have daughters, thus adopting their husbands’ family name upon marriage.

My father once thought the Noro name would vanish one day upon the birth of his first offspring, my eldest sister Haya. That was before my four elder brothers and me. He would never imagine his family name would be the royal house who reigned over the planet in several years to come.

Yatalina Noro (nee Hunir), my mother, was a warm and kind hearted woman, who was a very devoted wife and a doting mother. She was a great cook and a great story teller too. Her obsessions to a tidy house had been a point of conflict between her and my elder brothers for many years, but much later on becoming a hilarious reference to her among us siblings. She even gave advice to me on how to decorate my palace when she visited the first time later.

I was very proud of my siblings, my elder brothers all became engineers, accountants and doctors. My eldest sister went to the varsity herself but chose to be a homemaker, while my other sister Camiya did the unthinkable by joining the air force upon graduation as a civil engineer. 

My parents were especially worried since she entered the service at the end of the seven year long Fourth Inter-Galactic War, of which small skirmishes still occurred between the remaining enemies and the forces Zumanec was allied to. When later I sat on the throne, Camiya joked to me that she now had a reason to stay on – so that she could ensure the safety of her royal brother, the ruler.

During my teen years, I was practically an only child since all my older siblings had left the nest. I would wake up early in the morning, went to school on my bike and returned home just in time for lunch. My parents sent me to tuition classes to help me with my study, despite their longing desire for me to stay put and continue my father’s work at the farm.

I didn’t really mind if this was the case anyway. I truly loved the farm. Especially with the advent of all the machines, farming was no longer a toiling job as in the past. During school breaks which always coincided with the harvest season, I would help my father and his workers in the wheat field. My brothers and eldest sister would also come home and the house would be very noisy. 

With my nephews and nieces joining the family, my position as the cause of all that went wrong in the house finally ended. 


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