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A Fun and Playful Guide to Improving Your Sex Life! 
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Sex Positions by Diane Cummins will certainly spice up the most boring sex life. It is well written with a hint of tongue in cheek humor ("Tongue in cheek" is that a position? It should be!) Accompanying illustrations make the positions easier to understand. Some of the more modern positions you may have never heard of before, but download this on your the Kindle and wait for the better half to get home, you'll have a fun evening.

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This book includes...

  • Over 80 pages of content
  • Over 50 ILLUSTRATED sex positions!!
  • Other ways to spice up your sex life
  • Many Kama Sutra sex positions
  • Much, much more!

Sex is the universal language of love and there’s no denying it- it’s everyone’s favorite hobby :)
There’s something magical about kissing, foreplay and the leading up to sex that turns our brains into mush and makes us come back for more. Forget the dinner, movie and the chilly walk home- we want sex on a stick- sex during the trailers, sex at the park or in the car.... sex and lots of it!

It’s no doubt that as fun as sex can be with a spouse; a long time lover or even just a fling, it’s important to brush up on our skills every once in a while. Yes, it is very important to keep the splice of life alive and what better way to do this than through acquiring a new set of skills in the bedroom? Or elsewhere, if that’s your thing.

Think of it this way, if our phones can be updated every once in a while, why can’t we? Change is fun and exciting especially when it involves deep penetration and louder orgasms!

Many couples will tell you that they enjoy a change in routine every once in a while and that experimenting with different positions never hurt anyone. Unless of course, you’re trying out the helicopter (imagine: propellers). But most of the time, sticking to the basics rather than getting tangled in complicated pretzel like positions still manages to do the trick. But included are many more complicated sex positions that you can try if the mood strikes!

Inside, we will be discussing the different sex positions ensured to cause a wildfire in the bedroom. From the classics, to the modern moves of today and even the Kama Sutra - this list of sex positions is bound to make you race home to try them out!

Sex is a thing that was created to be shared and enjoyed so don’t be afraid to try new things! When you learn to appreciate the art and enjoy sex for all that it is, different sex positions will come naturally and can be enjoyed to their maximum potential. 

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Sex Positions Chapter Read



 Chapter 4: The Kama Sutra Part 1


You can't write a book about sex and not mention the Kama Sutra. "Kama", which is one of the four goals of Hindu life, means desire. "Sutra" means a line or thread that holds something together.  The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text written by Vatsyayana, a Hindu philosopher that is believed to have lived around the second century. The Kama Sutra is considered to be the ultimate work on human sexual behavior. Some of the positions can be a bit complex but feel great! So let's get to it:

The Glowing Triangle

How to Perform:

 The difference between this position compared to the normal missionary position is that the man is not lying on top but is actually closer to being on all fours. Then the woman must raise her pelvis so that he is able to enter her. The man stays still as the woman moves up and down as much as she likes.

The Catherine Wheel

How to perform:

Start this position by sitting opposite each other, the woman then wraps her legs around the man as he enters, then he wraps one leg around her. Again, this can be a bit tricky, but hey, practice makes perfect!

The Slide

How to perform:


If you really want to feel intimate try the Slide. This one of my favorites, very easy to do and my man loves it. Apparently I feel tighter to him in this position :) The man lies on his back with the woman on top with her legs together. The woman can then put her arms around his neck and hold him close as she slides up and down. I sometimes press my cheek to his and whisper in his ear to let him know how good he feels :) 

The Nirvana

How to perform:

Similar to the missionary but the woman's legs are together so the man's thighs are on the outside. She also holds onto the bedposts behind her head. This is great for the woman as her clitoris is also stimulated. Yummy :)

The Padlock

How to perform:


The woman sits on a table or something similar, leans back and supports herself by leaning on her arms and wrapping her legs around his hips. This feels great for the man as well as he can really lean his pelvis in as he penetrates.   

The Ape

      How to perform:

The man starts by lying on his back with his knees up to his chest. With her back towards him, the woman can then sit down on his penis holding onto his legs for support. When in position she can then grab his wrists as she bobs up and down. This is a tough one, especially for the woman, but give it a go if you fancy it!

The Erotic V

How to perform:


This position can be a little tricky but the man can help get the woman's legs up onto his shoulders. The woman sits on a table, or washing machine :), and rests her legs against his shoulders and puts her arms around his neck. He can then grab her bum, bend his legs slightly and thrust to his heart's content! As a woman I can say that this feels great as the man has full control and can penetrate deeply.

The Fantastic Rocking Horse

How to perform: 


The Fantastic Rocking Horse sex position is similar to the woman on top but the man sits cross legged and leans back using his arms for support. She can then hold him close as she rides and presses her body against him. It's also very easy to kiss and  feels very intimate.

The Butterfly

How to perform:

Similar to the Erotic V, the woman lies on her back on a table or high furniture, then puts her legs on his shoulders. She can then lift her pelvis using her arms for added support and slide her legs further over his shoulders. He can also help by lifting her bum. Then he can move in at a perfect angle.

The Bridge

How to perform:

Okay, if your man can do this then he is one flexible guy! He has to have a lot of strength as well to perform this position. As you can see in the illustration the man makes a human bridge with his front facing upwards, the woman then gets on top and uses her legs to ride up and down. If you can persuade him to do it then give it a try!

The Kneel

How to perform:


This is a great one for intimate love making. The man kneels in front of the woman and she holds him close around the neck as she straddles his thighs. Using his legs, the man then moves gently up and down as he penetrates her. Feel free to hold each other close and kiss passionately. Love it!

The Seduction

            How to perform:


The woman can start this position resting on her knees. Then she leans back so that her butt rests on her feet and she spreads her arms up above her head. The man then penetrates with his legs stretched out behind him using his arms for support.

The Ascent to Desire

How to perform:


Again, you'll need a strong man for this one :) The man starts sitting on the edge of the bed, the woman stands in front. The woman gets on top putting her arms around his neck. He can then stand up holding her bum as she wraps her legs around him. He then turns and faces the bed again.


This way the woman can rest her feet on the end of the bed so she can help with the movement. It also helps the man which is a good thing and the penetration is much more controlled. It feels great having a man hold you up like this and feel the strength in his arms and shoulders, and he feels strong too holding his woman like this. 

The Splitting Bamboo

How to perform:


This one is pretty straight-forward. The woman rests her leg on the man's shoulder as he straddles her other thigh and penetrates her. He supports himself and his partner by holding onto her leg. She can use her hands to pleasure herself and her man as they look into each other's eyes.

The Crouching Tiger

     How to perform:

Time for a thigh workout! The man lies back on the bed with his feet on the ground over the edge of the bed. She has her back towards him with her feet on the outside of his thighs. She can then ride him as he supports and guides her by holding onto her bum. With him supporting her she can then play with her clit or stroke his penis and balls.

The Dolphin

How to perform:


The woman lies on her back then pushes her hips towards the ceiling using her arms and shoulders for support. She keeps her head and neck on the floor. The man can then slide in between her legs and hold the bottom of her back to support her. He can then gently penetrate her.

The Glowing Juniper

How to perform:

The woman lies back with her legs open. The man has his legs outstretched on either side of her and slides in close into position. He then lifts her hips and penetrates her. He can then lean down and kiss her belly or breasts depending on how tall he is.

 The X-Rated

How to perform:

The woman can get into this position by starting with a reverse cowgirl and then lowering herself down between the man's legs. Then the woman extends her legs out behind her and can slide up and down.


The man can then give her a playful slap on the bum once in a while if he feels the urge :) By wrapping her arms around this legs the woman can slide more easily.

The Plough

How to perform:

The woman lies on the bed with her hips on the edge and feet touching the floor. He then gets between her legs as he lifts her into position so he can penetrate. The woman crosses her arms and supports herself with her forearms.

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Author Bio


I have always loved writing but thought that getting published was something that was unattainable to me. Amazon changed all that with their Kindle Direct Publishing. If you are a fellow writer I really urge you to try it!

I noticed in class when I was younger that writing came easy and I really enjoyed it. I have not delved into fiction writing yet as I enjoy researching subjects and trying to make them engaging and fun to the reader. I really hope that you enjoy my books and just the thought of someone reading what I write is a dream come true!

All the best,


Check Out What One Reader Had To Say Below!

I thought I would write a quick overview of the book so people know what they are getting. It is split up into 6 chapters plus an introduction and conclusion. So the chapters are : The classics, the modern times, for the courageous, two chapters on the Kama sutra and then another chapter called Change of Scenery.

This chapter includes suggestions for where to have sex apart from the bedroom, info on sex toys and role-playing. For me personally I think I got most out of the Kama sutra chapters, even though there were some positions in the previous chapters I hadn't tried. 

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