25 “Wife Approved" Sex Positions That Will Reignite The Fire In Your Relationship.
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Genre: Self-Help, Sex

25 “Wife Approved" Sex Positions 


Amanda Belladonna

They often say that "marriage is like a dull meal, with the dessert at the beginning". :-)

That might sound funny for some, harsh for others, unfortunately many married couples, or ones that have been in a long term relationship often find out that it's true.

Snuggling up in bed with the person you love, staying up talking all night, romantic candlelit meals and sharing plans and dreams, it can't be that bad to be in a long term relationship...

Can it?

Unfortunately, life gets in the way and many couples soon find out that they have unwillingly fallen in a routine, turning into mere "cohabitants".

This is when one (or both) of the partners reach(es) the conclusion that committing to a long term relationship, they have "exchanged the attention of many for the inattention of one" and this is usually the moment when everything starts going wrong. Life becomes a vicious circle and you wonder where all the fun has gone...

Worry no more!

Sometimes all it takes to reignite the fire in your relationship is a little bit of excitement. And what can be more exciting than spicing up your sex life? ;-)

This book offers 25 raunchy ways to pleasantly surprise your partner. Use this book to reignite the "spark" that made your spouse fall in love with you in the first place.

Claim the sex life you really want, with the partner you already love! ;-)

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25 “Wife Approved" Sex Positions - Chapter Read 

The Wheelbarrow

If you are bored with missionary, cowgirl, and two or three other sexual positions you have both tried a hundred times, give the Wheelbarrow a shot. :-)

Start by standing behind her, with your legs together.

Have her lean forward on her hands and take hold of her hips, raising her up so that you can enter her from behind.

She’ll have to wrap her legs around your waist and use her hands to push back as you thrust forward.

Squeezing her Kegels, she‘ll give both of you an extra kick.

Why try such a wild position?

First, you will be at the perfect angle to hit some great spots inside her.

Second, she gets a rush – literally. Upside down, blood rushes to her head, heightening the mental aspect of her arousal and making her orgasm really “wow!

She needs to raise her head every few minutes to avoid dizziness. She can also prop on pillows or cushions and support herself on her arms.

Either way, the wheelbarrow is a “wild ride“. ;-)


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