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A Good Old-fashioned Jolly Jape With Quirky Characters

Magnus Pursglove is what you might call ‘unusual’. At eleven years old he has never spoken, has never had a friend and due to his parent’s lack of interest in him is looked after by the family’s Guatemalan butler. As he starts at Warshall Manor, one of the countries most prestigious schools, life as he knows it takes a turn to the bizarre.

Magnus and his new friend, Frederico Bon Voyage embark on an adventure in New York to solve a series of puzzles left by an ex-pupil of their school. They enter a race against time to uncover the hidden truth as they journey across the city attempting to avoid danger and obstacles aplenty along the way.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - The Mystery of Liberty Island (A Pursglove & Bon Voyage Adventure Book 1)

Delicate Melody Of Heartfelt Emotions

Precious Blue Johnson, young, country and naive, from Lutts County, Georgia, is traveling to the energizing city of New York to search for her birth father and perhaps make history by becoming the first black ballerina.

Her simple mocha skin and thick lips will put her in the center of a movement, expose secrets and unlock the past as she steps onto the stage as the Blue Butterfly.

She will be guided by the vivacious and wise Ms. Ann and fall in love with the alluring Ray Silvers.

Ray brings the whole package. Enchanting eyes, a bright future as a doctor, and a willingness to love completely. To Precious, he is perfect. Except Ray’s package includes his deadly past.

Will their love survive the one person who could end it all—his drug-addicted mother?

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Free Crime Thriller For Your Book-Starved Kindle

Two mothers generations apart, unknown to each other, neither has a clue that their actions have caused destruction and heartbreak for countless families, neither understands the harm they have done to their own offspring; one by deserting the family, one by staying. But both are the same - greedy and demanding. They both wanted more and they pushed their husbands to the brink to get it.

The son of one becomes a serial killer; the daughter of the other is about to become his twelfth victim.

Erin Fallon is the eldest daughter of an Irish immigrant who took his family to a small town on the Lancashire/Cumbria border for what he believed to be a better life. It was what her mother wanted, but once she got it, it wasn't enough. She had to have more.

Leonard Fitch is an eminent neurosurgeon. His mother was never satisfied either, and her constant demands led to his father being killed in a motor accident. Leonard loved his father; he was the only person to treat him with kindness and affection. He hated his mother but could never stand up to her. Tormented and ridiculed throughout his childhood, Leonard swore to exact revenge on womankind in general, but mothers in particular.

At a secluded lodge in the depths of Bleazedale Forest, for four years he carries out the most abominable atrocities with impunity. Taking girls on their birthday, he keeps them holed up for a full twelve months before killing them and sending their mothers a birthday card with a picture of their beloved little girl, dead and with their severed feet placed either side of their head.

WARNING: This book contains scenes that some might find disturbing.

Here are just some of the comments from reviewers:

"Totally gripping from start to finish"

“Disturbingly compelling”

Free Kindle Download 21st-25th Nov

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Download Your Kindle Copy of - Ahriman: The Spirit of Destruction (The Ahriman Legacy Book 1)

Filled With Emotion And Drama

Twenty-five-year-old Jesse Coleman endures a heinous act on him. After the case is dropped, his mother, Claire, accedes to his request to move. Leaving behind his old life, he is left with a disturbing scar on his back. Hopelessness comes in on him and he takes off the bracelet that he has worn his whole life, which means something to him. Looking for a new beginning, Jesse who dresses differently meets Jaden who dresses like an outcast and the two fall in love with each other. With love from their mothers and good friend Liz, they try to bury their pasts behind.

Available On Kindle, In Paperback & Hardcover

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Pride of Love


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