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A Short, Free MUST Read for ALL Parents

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children is a wake-up call to America that we are abandoning our children emotionally. Failure to support our children's emotional health at home and in schools is jeopardizing their future and that of our nation. The book has a compelling and provocative message about parent-child relations. It provides powerful and practical concepts and tools that enable parents,

teachers, and childcare providers to interact with children and with each other in emotionally healthy ways. In the process, children learn to interact with each other in the same way.

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children, shows parents and teachers how to nourish emotional health at home and at school. Failure to meet these emotional needs of our children is one of the most serious and under-recognized problems facing our country.

The book enables parents to recognize and satisfy the five critical emotional needs that all children have: to feel respected, important, accepted, included, and secure, and in the process, parents will have their own needs satisfied too.

Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents all have these same emotional needs. Meeting these needs in childhood provides the foundation for success in school, work, relationships, marriage and life in general.

Free Kindle Download Ends 1st Aug

Download Your Kindle Copy of - How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children...and Parents Too! Updated Edition

Wonderful characters and a most interesting plot makes for a fun and thought-provoking ride.

Scarlett Faye Turner belongs to a generation of women undone by love – a fate she intends to escape.

When she isn’t mouthing off and shocking everyone in the backward river town of Dillinger, Pennsylvania, Scarlett has her nose buried in a book dreaming of a life far away where fame and money can keep her safe from the bogeymen of her childhood and the

consequences of following her heart. Scarlett believes falling in love makes you as crazy as her neighbor who chases after thunderstorms with her camera. She is positive no one in their right mind would risk being struck by lightning any more than they would by love.

But all that resolve quickly crumbles when seductive Gina Jamison shows up Scarlett’s senior year and knocks her heart sideways. Their improbable meeting and steamy love affair starts Scarlett on a journey that will take her across the years and through a succession of lovers…from a women’s college in West Virginia to the magical desert of New Mexico to the sexual liberation of Paris in the 1960s…from the arms of a woman she can never forget to the depths of her own soul and a painful realization that promises to transform her completely

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Chasing Lightning

The ultimate eye-opener for business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs

A powerful parable involving animals on a ranch, Dr. Stone's remarkable insights are sure to make running any business an easier task.

Circle of Wisdom delves into the meaning of true wisdom. It shows anyone how to clear away the distractions and misinformation to get a truly CLEAR picture of what is going on in their business and market.

Let's face it. Luck should not be a factor in running your business. Yet all too often we wait for luck to intervene to give us winning ideas, workable solutions, and increased sales.

"Just wait until we get through this cycle and all will be right. Right?"

Instead, Circle of Wisdom gives you a series of insights and smart strategies that let you steer your firm with clarity and wisdom. Rather than waiting on luck, you power steadily forward with wise decision making and a vision that is clear and correct.

This can be devastating to competitors who simply can't figure out why you keep winning. Your challenges will become less daunting, successes will come easier and sooner, and the long term outlook for your company will improve substantially.

For decades Dr. Stone has spoken to hundreds of business groups and audiences teaching them the lessons he has learned as a Psychiatrist working with people in crises. He has treated those who have suffered from abuse, torture, and PTSD, at one point responsible for the treatment of more than 10,000 patients.

Anyone who has worked in the medical field knows how incredibly regulated and demanding it is. The paperwork never ends and regulations govern virtually every action. Using this rigid system to help those in extreme crises is the ultimate business challenge.

From this Dr. Stone found remarkable truths that lead to the writing of Circle of Wisdom. This powerful book teaches any manager:

  • How to transition to Wisdom-Based Leadership for better, quicker results
  • Shows how to use the Circle of Wisdom for never ending improvement
  • Learn that problems are no longer bad, but situations through which you can receive


  • Discover a powerful strategy for making change within your organization
  • Get the actionable methods taught successfully in Fortune 500 training

This is the BEST business book you can read this year. It is virtually guaranteed to open your eyes to a realm of possibility you never new existed.

Available On Kindle, In Paperback On Audible And free With Kindle Unlimited.

DEownload Your Kindle Copy of - Circle of Wisdom: A Path for Life, Mind and Leadership

414 Pages Of Red Hot Kindling For Just $.99

NYPD Wives…

Erin… A Deadly Vendetta.

Summer… A Devastating Secret.

Hannah… A Violent Betrayal.


Erin, long suffering wife of the incorruptible NYPD detective Noah, dreams of the day her husband will retire.

But with the families of NYPD officers targeted by a vicious and deadly vendetta, her dream of their retirement may soon be shattered forever.


For newlywed NYPD wife Summer, the promise of a family life with Logan is everything she dreams of, until her wedding day when she discovers her new husband’s dark secret, shaking her beliefs and her love to the core.


For NYPD wife and defense lawyer, Hannah Marr, the sham of her marriage to NYPD detective Daniel is held together only by the chilling secret that binds them.

A secret that will drag all the NYPD wives into violent unstoppable conflict.

A secret that will hurl the NYPD wives from their path of righteousness into a dark and deadly maze of secrets, lies, corruption, vengeance and murder.


Their worlds are about to collide. If they survive, their lives will never be the same again.

NYPD Wives. A thriller.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Price ...

Just $.99 For A limited Time Only 

Download Your $.99 Kindle Copy of - NYPD Wives (The Wives) (Volume 1)


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