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The Secret to Look Younger and Live Longer.

This eBook contains alternative methods and health recipes which encourage a longer and a healthier life. As per the research conducted, people in Island of Okinawa in Japan, and parts of California live longer, as long as a hundred years because they have adapted to a certain healthier lifestyle and an alternative diet that makes them centenarians. In this book, you will read about this diet and lifestyle that you can emulate to live a longer and a healthier life.

Following this diet and alternative methods of living given in this eBook, you will find resistance to common diseases that kill most of the people. You will stay young in your mind, body, and spirit. You will also read about the interesting innovation of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who invented the oatmeal, cereals, and cornmeal. He had invented this in the eighteenth century by steaming wheat and grains, instead of grinding them. He fed them to the patients and noticed a drastic improvement in their health.

This eBook is useful for people of all ages and ethnicities. You could stay in any part of the globe and still benefit by following the LIFESTYLE and dietary plan given in this book. You can look younger and LIVE LONGER when you emulate the advice given in this eBook.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Aging Me Softly: The Secret to Look Younger and Live Longer

10 Weeks to Overcoming the Obstacles of Chronic Illness and Finally Achieving What You Want in Life.

Suffocated by a difficult life with chronic pain?

Tired of feeling like getting out of bed in the morning is as hard as running a marathon?

It’s time for that stage of life to be over. You can take control of the life that chronic illness has tried to steal from you. Using this 10-week plan written by Kristi Patrice Carter—a sufferer of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, who herself has used these very

tools to enjoy life again—you will find yourself inspired, motivated, and drinking from the deep well of life once more. As a friend who has been there, Kristi will help you discover the life you’re meant to live, regardless of the obstacles and illnesses in your way. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow. You can absolutely live the life you’ve always wanted. Starting right here. Right now.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness: 10 Weeks to Overcoming the Obstacles of Chronic Illness and Finally Achieving What You Want in Life

Definitely unlike anything else you’ve read

Free Kindle Download 29th & 30th Aug.

Check Out What One Reader Had To Say Below.


Raunchy and raw, this unusual tale of lust and lesbians has a unique delivery unlike anything else I've ever read.

If you're looking for wine and roses you won't find it here, but if you want an endless sexual romp with zero inhibitions and a warped sense of humor then this is the droid you're looking for.

The explicit action never lets up as Cindy, Booma, and everyone else involved get wet and busy.

And I do mean never lets up. It's one long string of sexual antics from beginning to end. I'm weirdly hooked in a way I did not expect, and now must download the next book immediately.


Boasting a Likable, Strongly Realized Heroine In Our Free Book of The Week

Intl. Multiple Award Winning, Bestselling Novel

“I love you,” he murmured as the wisps of light returned to his body.

What he didn’t say was that his love came with a heavy price and life was never going to be the same again.

Twenty-six-year-old Ana Martin has a past she is trying to forget.

When she meets Gabriel, she believes that she can finally leave her troubles behind her. But Gabriel has a secret…

He may look human and be born of this world, but he is Siis - a race who evolved millions of years ago to a transcendent state, who now take solid form to hide among us.

When the homeless start dying at an abandoned Tannery, the police chalk it up to suicides. Ana knows different. The Siis have a secret, a past mistake they would rather forget, one that puts Ana in more danger than she can ever comprehend.

Before long, she becomes a target for the Fae, once innocent children changed by the Siis thousands of years before. They are able to intensify and feed off the negative emotions of their prey, and are filled with malicious intent that has no bounds.

Can Ana survive the world of the Siis? More importantly, can she do it with her mind still intact?

Night of the Fae is the first book in the Ana Martin series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis, an ancient race of empathic beings torn apart by war, treachery and the consequences of past actions. Hidden Light (Volume 2) and Frozen Flame (Volume 3) are available to buy now. The Last Prophecy (Volume 4) is due for release at the end of 2015. 

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Night of the Fae (Ana Martin Series Book 1)


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