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30 Best Real Estate Investing Strategies for Beginner Real Estate Investors

There mere mention of the word ‘investing’ typically leaves most of the people shuddering from the thought of the stock market risks and stagnate retirement money. Undoubtedly, it isn’t easy to invest your money but there is still a steady and solid profitable venue for your money that can actually make you a millionaire eventually with the right strategies and decisions – real estate investing.

Compounded by high employment figures and low interest rates, investing a certain amount of money in real estate is an exciting and profitable idea. This book will help in educating you and motivating you to opt for real estate investing to make tons of money!

However, before you get excited and start throwing your money on the first property you find, it is essential to understand the basics of this lucrative investment. Through “30 Best Real Estate Investing Strategies for Beginner Real Estate Investors,” you can learn the best real estate investing strategies that are bound to help you in earning big. This book offers the best strategies of real estate investing which can help you make a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom. If you want, you can earn a fortune through real estate investing.

This book includes:
• Basics of real estate investing
• 30 best strategies for beginners
• Importance of exit strategies in real estate investing
And so much more!
Why wait now? Turn the page and begin your journey towards earning millions by investing in real estate properties the right way.
Good luck!

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Fantastic ideas to turn your man on.

Sexy and steamy. These models are gorgeous, beautiful and exciting.

These are some of the sexiest women to ever wear lingerie.

Girls in some of the most provocative poses and enticing underwear make men go wild and give women fantastic ideas to turn their men on.

Grab a FREE copy now.

Download Your Free Kindle Copy of - Lingerie Lovelies: Almost bare

Great how to book for marketing your app

After two years of developing iOS apps, I’d begun to notice that a major challenge for indie developers involved something so basic, yet so very often overlooked - smart marketing. Without it, their apps end up dying a slow death in the App Store, and most of them felt powerless to do anything about it.

As someone who knew the challenges and obstacles each and every mobile app developer faced, I wanted to do something to change this way or thinking. Inspired by my drive to help others in their quest for total success, I decided to write out my story, bit by bit, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions for app marketing tactics that have helped me turn duds into profitable apps.

Back in September of 2011, I started mapping out my first app, Mustache Bash.

I had no programming experience. Photoshop and Illustrator make me feel like I’m lost in the woods. I am NOT a designer. But I was stubborn enough to keep moving forward, so I hired a designer, and hired a programmer, and scraped together enough cash to start the project. Yes, you read that correctly: I didn’t even have enough money to finish the app at first!

Fast forward to June 2012. I had finished my first app, Mustache Bash, and it had made over $1200 in its first month. I was hoping for more, but was still very excited. I mean, I’d published a friggin’ app. Me. This guy. The guy with no real experience to speak of at the time!

So after borrowing $3000 from friends, I made four more apps. That's when the fun stopped...


I’d spent over $8000 to make five apps, I was in debt (and to friends!)

My apps seemed dead in the water and I was confused and unsure of the next step forward to remedy my dilemma.

This uncomfortable situation forced me to start asking some tough questions:

• Why aren’t my apps generating more revenue?
• What if I’ve wasted all this time and effort creating worthless apps?
• How are some indie developers able to make so much money with apps?
• Rather than give up, I decided to start experimenting with small, inexpensive marketing tactics.

Read More & Download Your Kindle Copy of - Appiness: An Unusual Guide to Doubling Downloads, Minting Money & Finding Freedom

A heartwarming love story set against a backdrop of geopolitical conflict.

Gala Grey and CS Alice deliver a breakthrough first novel in a promising series entitled, “A Life in Literature.”
LIFE AND LITERATURE offers an intelligent, elegantly romantic story about Olga and David who timidly fall in love and share a clandestine life worthy of fine literature. You won’t find thematic or formulaic writing here; there are no muscle-bound men or “Barbie-doll” little girls. 

The main characters are as real as anyone you may know, with one key difference: David and Olga possess the courage to enjoy an exceptional life.

“...a heartwarming love story set against a backdrop of geopolitical conflict.”

Olga is Ukrainian by birth, raised in a loving home and well educated; her native language is Russian; and she has lived in Europe for most of her life. She is a real woman of an unstated age, always nineteen; with beautiful tresses and aesthetically pleasing curves; as well as refined tastes and a desire to enjoy the finest gifts this world has to offer exotic places.

David is an American raised in a middle-class home in Ohio, with traditional values; he grew to become a thoughtful gentleman and is Olga’s intellectual equal; but has not travelled and remains naïve about life, in comparison. David writes well and soon discovers his aspiration to become a writer, with Olga as his inspiration. She authors their life story through her choices, while he captures their life in words: letters and short works of fiction.

"...a love story of self-discovery!"

David and Olga meet in a most unlikely place; he befriends this beautiful lady, and grows to love and support her, as she teaches him to enjoy life. Olga is the protagonist and propels the story forward, as she overcomes her insecurities and follows a path to become the woman life intended. They share a first kiss, physically explore, and wait until the ultimate expression of love carries great meaning. You may follow the tortuous path of these metaphysically intended soul mates; feel the depth of their passions expressed in their own words; and decide how much you choose to believe as truth or fiction.

"...brilliant! ...original! ...honest! ...passionate! ...inspirational!"

The story offers a primer for enjoying a life worthy of the appellation, fine literature, but this requires an explanation. Many readers remain trapped within the structures, routines and “other-imposed” expectations of life. One day looks like another in a crush of demands and the drive for expedience, a lousy motive for living; and life becomes a “ho-hum” story that anesthetises its main characters into sleep for days, months or years.

An alarm should sound and someone shout, “Hey, we author our own life story through the choices we make every day!” You can define lunch as a champagne picnic; choose to make love on a beach, and enjoy lovemaking as the fullest expression of love in each word, touch and glance. Gentlemen please listen; lovemaking should always remain about her and the expression of her passions.

Must Read! ...a cure for boredom and dysfunctional marriages!
Be forewarned: It’s possible to write the “one true sentence” (Hemingway) of your life at any age and you may learn how to live an exceptional life from Olga and David ...and there’s no turning back.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Life and Literature: based on a True Ukrainian-American Love Story (a Life in Literature Book 1)


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