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sEXperiences Kindle Edition

In dimly lit rooms, clothes lay forgotten on floors. Music provides its own rhythm and movement. Candlelight throws shadows against the walls. Intimate moments are tucked under sheets and whispered on hushed lips.

Sometimes sex is good. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s downright horrible.

It is in our nature to share our stories and experiences . . . even stories of our sexual escapades. Behind every story is a mysterious desire, a provocative arousal, or an embarrassing encounter that we pretend never happened. But what about those stories that make your toes curl and are too delicious not to share? Who doesn’t like to hear the dirty details?

From the embarrassing and funny to the mind-blowing and the amazing, dig your nails into the sexy stories of sEXperiences. Everyone has a story to tell . . .

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Touching, Warm, Sad, Deep and Moving.

Short Story based on the upcoming movie Tears Of July which has won an Independent Film Festival for best trailer.

Robert has lost the love of his life, and is struggling with his grief. Sherry was his soulmate, his everything, the glue that held him together, but now he’s fallen into a cycle of depression and alcoholism, unable, perhaps even unwilling to break free.

Can one man, who has everything Robert wanted, find a way to bridge a connection between their different worlds and save his young friend?

And can friends team up to help this man at the lowest point in his life?

Get ready to ride the roller coaster of emotions and hold your breath as you read this shocking drama.

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On the surface, the Thompsons are an all-American nuclear family with an unremarkable – if not happy – home life. However, when a seemingly kind stranger comes into their lives and offers them a vacation, all is not as it seems.

Married with 2 kids, Larry and Sherry are at the end of their tether with each other in a household that simmers with resentment. When Steve enters their lives, Larry welcomes his new confidant and friend – despite Sherry’s immediate distrust.

As Larry and Steve grow closer together, Steve offers the family his cabin for a make or break vacation to fix their relationship and stop the almost-inevitable divorce from happening.

However, the seemingly idyllic cabin holds a dark secret - one that Larry could never have imagined even in his worst nightmares. Betrayed by Steve, his entire family is doomed in the teambuilding exercise from Hell.

As the darkness consumes that cabin with a seemingly never-ending onslaught, the family is cast into a life-or-death situation from which there is no escape – worse, they are far from alone.

Unable to trust anyone, and trapped in a situation where one wrong move could wipe the family off the face of the earth, the Thompsons must put aside their differences and fight together – or disappear forever.

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