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Human Relations Indie Book Awards. Deadline is November 18th, 2017.

Information is now available for the 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards. Deadline is November 18th, 2017.

Welcome to the 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards contest. This is the second year of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards. We had a diverse group of indie authors for last year’s awards that ranged from professional perspectives to indie author’s personal journeys of self-reflection.

The 2017 contest has over 40 indie book categories that include topics related to human relations issues, family relationship issues, children’s books with a human relations focus, poetry human relations books, fiction human relations books and general human relations book categories.

There are also several special needs categories included in this year’s contest. Please note you will only need to send two copies of the book-no matter how many categories you enter.

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Michael N. Felix is one of the best, undiscovered writers in America today.

Michael N. Felix's books and stories have been described as funny, (often) hilarious, (less often), dramatic, fast moving, intelligent (not sure where that came from) brooding, intelligent (did I say that?), poignant, powerful, political, weird and in all cases, crackling with existential energy...., whatever that means.

Begin with 'The Marsh Birds' one of his best novels, or Milo Mudd, a funny (and weird) 'road' novel. Or..., if you think of the future, read New Babylon Road, book that is a warning about the future, but that is also entertaining to read.

THE WEATHER WITCH, in PAPERBACK! I have copies of it available if you're interested. You have to email me to get it...

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Michael & His Books


Longtime detective Stanford Carter and his wife, forensic scientist Jill Seacrest, have always felt one was the yin to the other's yang.
Carter is formal, logical, detached and incredibly reserved.

As team leader, he displays an unflagging commitment to duty, a keen sense of logic and strategy, and the poker face of a true champion.

Despite his ardent desire to learn the secrets of the universe and its plan for us all, the introspective student of Zen demonstrates an extraordinary inability to understand himself or anyone else.
Seacrest, on the other hand, is a scientific steamroller, often intimidating even the most seasoned veteran agents.

Possessing a strong and fiery personality, her determination to find the truth often clashes with a quick and sarcastic wit, a fiery personality, and the tendency to leap before she looks.

Together, they've made the tough decision to leave their home town of Boston to move to the Big Apple, where they have accepted new positions with the F.B.I. to help solve a string of murders.
When Shania Deeprose joins the team, the overly enthusiastic, down-to-earth rookie from Alabama provides a spark that forges the immediate and unbreakable bonds of heart, mind, and courage.

In this stand-alone mystery/thriller the team must break the biggest case of their careers while confronting personal and social truths that change them forever.

Will they be able to expose a secret so old and far reaching that it has already begun to impact the very fabric of society?

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