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21 Delicious Venison Recipes

A compilation of 21 delicious venison recipes with a unique combination of natural salts and organic seasonings that will leave you, your family and guests amazed at these taste-bud pleasing dishes. 

 The book contains a wide variety of tasty recipes for any occasion with easy preparation instructions. Links to purchase the flavor enhancing natural salts and organic seasonings, used in these savory recipes, are also included in the book.

St. Patrick's Day Special - 40 % OFF!  

From March 5th through March 21st, 2015 – Get this Kindle book for just $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Download Your Kindle Copy of - The Carolina Venison Cookbook: 21 Delicious Venison Recipes (The Carolina Cookbooks)

Run, Don't Walk To Buy This Book.

It is a story, not one of science, and one that may not be remembered past this one lifetime. It is the story of someone that did not know his destiny, but followed it with unfaltering step, bound to his human companion, 

not by vows or paper, but in the name of the trust that was the best part of his nature.

It is a story of the one that taught her to love, even as he occasionally barfed on the carpet. It is the tale of a black Lab named Barkley. It begins in the 1960's as the author is growing up---dogs becoming part of the family.  

But it is only after many years of living alone following heartbreak; that Barkley finds his way to Ms. Johnson, and she begins to view the world as he does---and learns to love again

What One Reader Had To Say!

If you have ever had a very special 4 legged dog friend, you have to read this story. But, fair warning, be sure you have a box of Kleenex close by as you will laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. Also be warned, it is very hard to put down until the last page. Ms. Johnson is a very talented writer, gifted with the ability to draw you in while she writes a story of love, loss, and rising above the pain to remember and cherish the love and lessons learned from a pair of brown eyes and lots of dog hair. 

Download Your Kindle Copy of - The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever

9 Reasons Why You Should Read
'Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass'

It comes fully equipped with:

  • Crisp, witty dialogue that snaps like a whip, crackles like fire and pops right off the page.
  • A ballsy, turbo-charged plot that brims with suspense, intrigue and surprises.
  • A heroine with heart, soul and more attitude than she’s got booty and, as we mentioned, her butt is pretty big.
  • An electrifying horror tale, well told.
  • A nightmare world populated with criminals, psychopaths, murderers and the living dead. It’s worse than bingo night in No Hope, Alabama.
  • Action packed scenes and a climax that really delivers.
  • A gritty, hard-hitting story of the supernatural that’s gore soaked and laced with dark humor.
  • An original, provocative and powerful narrative.
  • A ticket to a thrilling roller coaster ride through a terrifying landscape.

A Few Final Words

This novel was immense fun to write. It started as a short story, but Champagne Jackson was too irrepressible to be contained. The story snowballed and a rogue’s gallery of weird and wonderful characters insisted on taking the journey with her. Why not join them?

Read The Summary And First 5 Chapters Here

Download Your Kindle Copy of - Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel


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