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"Dirty Harry" Meets "Scarlett O'Hara" And There's Hell To Pay....

A Man Out Of Time. A Woman Out Of Options.

Natchez detective Mike Faricy will do anything to undo his brother-in-law's murder. A man named Slick offers him a deal he can't refuse—go back to June 19th, the day before the killing.

 Mike strikes The Bargain and wakes up on June 19th gazing down the barrel of an antique gun held by Abigail Kingsley, who confirms it is June 19th, but the year is 1865.  

Now Mike must prevent the murder from over a century in the past, while being taunted by a shape-shifting Slick. Though the devil may own his soul, Abigail stakes a powerful claim on his aching heart, though her darkest secrets may be his ultimate undoing.

Fire Up Your Kindle For This Exciting Time Travel Romance!

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A Fast-Paced, Hauntingly Intense Novella

It has been thirteen years since Luke's confrontation in the desert with his nemesis, black magician Armand Jacobi. Luke's wife Consuelo, whom he met at Eppie Falco's Desert Inn and Café has died, and Luke has placed himself once again in exile. This time, his wanderings have brought him to the seaside village of New Camen, New Hampshire.

Into his self-imposed solitude drops Dr. Bethany Rutledge. Accused of the murder of her eight year old daughter, stripped of her license to practice medicine, her marriage to politician Adrian

Mountzaire in tatters, Beth Rutledge is haunted nightly by the chilling vision of a young woman's brutal death by hanging.

Adding to this mix is the disappearance of an adolescent boy that appears to be centered in the tiny hamlet of New Camen. Then, Adrian Mountzaire turns up dead with his estranged wife Beth Rutledge lying in the sand beside him.

Despite his best efforts to resist the temptation, Luke is falling in love with Beth Rutledge, and she with him. Beth has unlocked the frozen reaches of his heart--the heart that was frozen when his beloved Consuelo was taken by breast cancer several years before and he could do nothing to save her.

Now, Luke must not only find the lost boy, but find the real killer of Adrian Mountzaire in order to save his beloved from the same fate that haunts her restless dreams.

$.99 From 19th Sept

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K.K. Savage's "Nation of the Third Eye" is a sci-fi novel that follows the exploits of an Astro Police Captain named Jac McKay. Set in 2177, the novel opens with a prologue in which Jac is being chased by a mysterious craft when his "third eye" suddenly opens. Jac's third eye enables to him to remember the past in unique ways, which makes him sought out by a mysterious enemy. One of the things I liked about this book is it's approachable yet fresh. There are many familiar locations e.g. the Astro Police are based on Ceres.

The technology (ships, guns, etc) is well-explained and not overly complicated. The characters, especially Jac, are engaging. It's definitely worth checking out this book if you're a sci-fi fan. Recommended!

By By R. Blaisdell

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Dark, Disturbing And All Around Enjoyable!

Take my 100 words daily like a slow-acting poison or read them all and die of overdose.
Your call.

There's an art to writing an effective story in so few words and the author nails it."...Available On Kindle.

"I can't say enough about this book... It's well written, different, scary, and very unique." - Bittersweet Book Reviews

"Such a brilliant concept with no two stories alike. Timeless enjoyment to be reread over and over..." - Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

"There's an art to writing an effective story in so few words and the author nails it." - M. Brookes, The Cult of Me

"Each and every page kept me enthralled and on the edge of my seat the entire time... I've read a lot and seen a lot but have to admit Morano caught me by surprise..." - NecroStein, Texas Terror Entertainment

Download Your Kindle Copy of- 100 Nightmares

A Sci-fi Of Immense Breath And Scope

Welcome to the Z-Verse! This illustrated science-fiction adventure book brings together two mysteries back-to-back.

On a quiet archipelago, a group of inexperienced law enforcement agents must race against the clock to rescue a kidnapped courier, whose cargo may be more dangerous than they ever realized.

Worlds away, a small village is suffering from the effects of a devastating, alien plague. It's up to a brother-sister team, and the mysterious traveller they have befriended, to locate the source of the sickness and put it down for good.

Download Your Kindle Copy of- Reivosumet and Shadow of the Soucouyant, Part One (Z Verse Book 1)


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