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Coming 1st Feb 2017 A Gripping and Humorous Mystery Novel

Edwin Burrows, CPA, can’t do anything right. Not marriage, not office etiquette, not saving his boss’s daughter, not even public accounting. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the firm’s biggest client, everyone has low expectations. Including Edwin.

In Alibi Aficionado, Edwin Burrows is an accidental investigator, an accountant without tact or a filter, or any

kind of interest for investigations. A cross between Myron Bolitar and Archy McNally, Edwin says, does and behaves in the strangest manner.

Cursed with an investigation that's doomed from the start, Edwin knows that everyone expects him to fail. But when the police arrest the all-important client, tensions rise at the firm and the stakes get as big as they'll ever be. Edwin must decide whether he will use his knowledge to be the hero that helps a guilty man avoid prosecution, or be a zero by telling the truth and burying the firm.

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A Guidebook for Understanding and Fighting Baldness

The ULTIMATE guide to understanding and fighting baldness for men and women.

Here’s just some of what you will discover inside:

  • 7 essential foods YOU must consume for preventing any more hair loss. You can pick these foods up in any small local store.

3 magic little minerals that are scientifically proven to be connected with healthy hair growth... you are probably only getting a fraction of these in your diet right now.

  • 5 foods that contain 3 of the ideal vitamins for hair growth.

  • Exactly what’s available from the medical community to prevent hair loss. The latest treatments and the inside real deal pro’s and con’s of each treatment are revealed inside.

  • The simple guide to supplements on the market today that really help with hair loss. Make sure to check this section out before trying any other treatment.

  • Check out 8 of the most powerful homemade remedies for hair loss around today... some of these remedies you probably have in your kitchen right now.

  • Break through solutions for hair loss to re-grow your hair. I guarantee you will not have heard of these before.

  • 6 powerful solutions for coping with your hair loss problem and minimizing its impact on your life.

  • The truth about hair loss and how widespread the problem really is…if you ever felt alone with your hair loss problem- the results of this will shock you.

  • 3 major causes of hair loss to watch out for…one of these causes in hormonal and can be prevented with some simple exercises in some cases

  • 4 key strategies for preventing any more hair loss…no matter how much hair you have lost so far

And so much more…

This guidebook will ultimately show you ways to reverse your hair loss, cure baldness and keep your hair.
Absolutely everything you need to know about keeping your hair and reversing hair loss is inside "Conquering Hair Loss".

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Check Out Our Comedy-Drama Read Of The Week!!

Lippy Kids podcast host, Oscar Zurano, lays out in his YouTube 'documentary' the short life and violent death of Aden Oliver Baker: his murderous rampage in Manchester, New Hampshire that left 12 dead – ending by his own hand, and the manifesto he left behind detailing his thoughts and beliefs on just why he did it.

There's no such thing as bad publicity. We've all heard this refrain before. The future mass murderer Aden Baker lived it from his earliest years in grade school when he coined the saying: “Notoriety is better than complete anonymity.”

Aden was born to an affluent life, with successful parents in the film industry who –he was to learn– accidentally conceived him. This unwelcome start would later aid his notion of alienation from the rest of humanity, setting him upon a fateful course. With a particular grudge against females, Baker was to overlay all his feelings of frustration and rage like a veneer upon his fellow human beings---scapegoating women for failing to recognize his self-styled 'fabulous' qualities. And claim his virginity.

Taking this journey into Aden Baker's past is to witness a seemingly paradisaical childhood mutate into a monstrous young adulthood that resulted in an actual horror story. Oscar explores, in this admonitory biography, such notions as: was Aden Baker the product of indoctrination into an American popular culture rich with guns and violence? Could the cause have been race-fated angst? Sexual denial? Or was he paupered morally...by something else?

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Presentation skills for career success

In this information age and connected world, presentation skills play a vital role in career/business success. A great presentation could make or break a product, an idea…a career!

Despite being widely accepted, we see lot of skills gaps in this area even today.

Over 90% of professionals

feel limited by the tools, thoughts and techniques to express their ideas. 'Thought constipation' can play havoc and limit various opportunities.

SLIDE SPIN helps you unfold and unlock your full potential by explaining why it is vital to be able to present your ideas as best as possible, and more importantly, how to leverage your presentational skills like the world’s most successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Slide Spin approaches the topic in an incredibly easy and relatable way: you don’t need to be a design guru or a technology expert in order to understand the insights featured within this book!

As a global e-book award nominee, this publication is quickly gaining momentum and consistently high ratings from readers who are now on their way to become fully empowered Slide Spinners!

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