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Do You Want to Feel Like Yourself Again!

Through it all, you have persevered. You have achieved the so-called American Dream.

You have the stable job, the house, the significant other, the kids. Some of those may have unraveled along the way.

Your friends and family think you're doing a pretty good job of keeping everything together.

You've always been responsible and driven, motivated by your challenging 

circumstances, putting others first and working doggedly to achieve a fulfilled life.

But, something isn't quite right. Something is missing. You want more from life but feel stuck in your current circumstances.

You're in a funk and you have no idea how to get out of it. You've been stuck for a while, and you want to move forward, but you're not sure where to start.

You know you're not showing the world all you have to offer and you have some baggage that's holding you back - probably more than you care to acknowledge.

Yet, day after day, life has been passing you by and you haven't taken intentional steps to move your life in the direction you want. You're not even sure if this is possible. You are in a rut.

One thing is for sure, this funk has got to go or you may end up in the unemployment line because you've been wearing your funk on your shoulder at work too.

In the next 24 hours, this book will help you implement strategies that will help you:

  • Identify why you're in a funk

  • Reconnect with your true brilliance

  • Get over your weaknesses

  • Focus on what makes you happy

  • Start thinking about your future again

During her own journey of self-discovery, Vanessa Newport developed short-cut strategies for readers to lead with their brilliance and banish the bullsh*t that's holding them back.

Your path to conquering your funk, once and for all, is inside this book; start reading!

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A Must Read From A New Author

Up and coming writer Verity Chiles is all about a happy ending, but when she begins to spy on her renters for inspiration, she finds that her obsession with a sexy love story is a dangerous game.

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A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Sam is living a life that is very different than the modern day fairy tale her younger self envisioned. She is neither a writer, an artist, nor a Peace Corp volunteer. Instead, she spends her days selling junk for her father’s flailing Ebay business. Her nights are spent trying to pretend that she is not nearing thirty and still living in her parents' house, sleeping in the same bed as she did in elementary school.

Amidst an extremely dismal morning, Sam makes a startling discovery. When wearing a pair of antique glasses, Sam finds an odd, ruby-red, half-sphere blob. The orb appears to have mysteriously grown from the faded carpet of her back porch. Sam rushes to the door to inform Matty, her best friend, foodie neighbor, and to confirm her saneness.

When Sam steps outside, she makes another startling discovery. She sees a path made up of hundreds of multi-colored orbs.

Sam and Matty decide to follow the mysterious path and begin to encounter challenges testing them to their core. When they uncover who the creator of the orb trail is and learn what awaits them at the end of the path, they press through grueling tasks and, at times, disturbing punishments.

Join Sam and Matty on this cross-country, cross-globe adventure as they follow the path of orbs and encounter evil descendants with uncanny senses, odd coffee house rituals, ancient riddles, soup stealers, pirate transfiguration, and grotesque, cupcake punishments.

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