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Win a Copy of Dr. Demes' New Book

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods have been used in the health-care system for decades.

They are effective and efficient ways of implementing major changes and ensuring dramatic results. Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel Demes has created an innovative guide that transfers the principles of CQI methodology from health care to personal development.

The same methods that have allowed professionals to systematically assess success and improvement can be used to change all aspects of your life. Dr. Demes, in his dual roles as a medical doctor and spiritual leader, has found a revolutionary way of combining these two disciplines to help you live the life you were meant to.

He tackles physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational growth in this unique, inspirational manual.

His new guide will teach you how to do the following: Use causal analysis to examine your current life challenges.

Prioritize your life

Reflect on your goals and

small changes

Add a spiritual element to your journey

Achieve your dreams

Plan for a more successful and fulfilling existence

Acquire the practices for transforming your life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally

Each new topic includes practical exercises that help you use scientific methodology to work toward self-betterment and contentment.

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Train Your Brain And Shift Your Environment to Stay Disciplined

Use these simple yet powerful tips to maximize your work efficiency for optimal results!

I wrote this book in reaction to a life full of chaos and disorder. During High school, I took all "regular education" classes whilst getting all A's and B's without too much effort.

That is until I decided to amplify the dosage of critical thinking and work quantity by picking the more advanced classes. I thought that as long as I worked with as much passion and effort as possible, I would be able to ace these more rigorous classes that most frightened me the most. The results turned out disastrous.

Not only did I barely graduate High School that year, I was left humiliated and with extreme self-esteem issues. All confidence that I once had slowly disintegrated in front of my very eyes. It didn't help that everyone would talk about me behind my back.

I decided it would be a good idea to work for a year before going to college to re-orient my mind and regain some confidence.

For 12 months, I worked in the hot sandpits of a construction materials company, and then later moved on to work in the fast-paced food industry. During this period, I dedicated an enormous amount of my time into self-development and work efficiency.

I learned how to become extremely routine oriented and happy while doing so! Doing this allowed me to gain greater control of my daily life and re-attain my personal power.

Before you know it, I was beginning to write down my goals and crush them. Read countless amounts of books on the mind? Check. Become an author? Check. Start a business? Check. Learn internet marketing? Check. Go back to school? Check. Get inducted into an honors society? Check. Become physically stronger? Check. Improve mental health? Check. Get better with people? Check!

Life was reconstructing itself in my favor in front of my very eyes. Not only was I taking harder classes in college than I ever had in High School, but I was passing with flying colors.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my 27 best tips to maximize productivity and work efficiency within your life so you can CRUSH YOUR GOALS.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

Creating a Superior Environment for a Clear MindBuild Your Morning Rituals To Fire You Up!Learn How To Guarantee That You Will Finish Your Day Feeling AccomplishedLearn About Superfoods That Boost Your Cognitive Abilities Learn How To Easily Clear Your Mind For Optimal Focus To The Task At HandAnd Much, Much More!

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The mental lust for physical desires and the ecstasy of love.

This is my journey. A path I found myself treading after escaping the confinement of my own heart. Freedom from love or so I believed.

There is a dangerously thin line of lace between the mental lust for physical desires and the ecstasy of love. I should be careful with the balance of the mind and heart but, where is the fun in that?

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A valuable resource that will bring a whole new way of thinking

Whether you are at work or at home, you are probably being asked to do more with less. We often become consumed with what doesn’t really matter, and spend far too much of our precious time on what doesn’t even count. In Simple Is the New Smart, Dr. Rob Fazio shows you how to block out the static so you can turn up the volume on the right information and accelerate your path to success.

In an engaging, conversational style, Dr. Fazio offers success strategies that can be used the moment you stop reading. The focus is on helping you help yourself by learning easy-to-read and easy-to-apply techniques that will help you get the edge in business and in life. You will:

Learn what is holding you back and how to propel yourself forward.

Realize that listening can be bad for your health and learn how to break free from the messages that have been holding you down.

Discover the art of reading before leading so you can be intentional with your time.

Master the secrets of psychological swagger that allow you to grow without pain.

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Check Out Our
Science Fiction Space Opera Read
of The Week

Once one of the best assassins in the galaxy, Cadell is now the hunted.

The Ascendency, the ruling galactic empire and Cadell’s ex-employer, has stripped him of everything and placed a significant bounty on his head. Forced to live with the shadows of his past, Cadell hides on the backwater planets of the outer rim. Away from anyone who would recognize him.

When his old friend and mentor, Salis, dangles a job in front of him that will get him an Ascendency pardon and let him clear his name, Cadell is ready to take it on. Armed with his constant companion, a strange alien symbiote named T.R.I.X. and his skills as an assassin, Cadell sets off to complete the strange job.

How hard could it be?

But before long a crude Bounty Hunter, named Jacko, is on his trail with a squad of elite Ascendency soldiers at his command. Dead or alive, they will stop at nothing to find Cadell. His situation worsens as he narrowly escapes capture and arrives at his destination only to find every Bounty Hunter in the galaxy converging on the same planet. Despite the odds stacked against him, Cadell fortifies his resolve and unleashes T.R.I.X. to deal with anyone standing between him and completing the job.

As he gets closer to regaining his freedom, friends and enemies become blurred, and the noose around his neck tightens.

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