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Great Story About Friendship, Race Relations, and Just Barely Making It Out Alive

During the late Nineteen Sixties, three naive college age boys, go to hear Bobby "Blue" Bland, a blues music legend at a famous dance hall. They see a woman wearing silver lame' pants who has an amazing ass.

They are mesmerized by her beautiful ass, but one boy can't leave the thought of pinching her ass behind. She is the center of attention. This focus upon her ass leads to a night they would never forget.

A wild time of girls, dancing, drinking, gambling, and trouble lay ahead for the boys. What happens during the night causes them to learn a lesson they won't forget.

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Discover How To Improve Your Parenting Skills To Ensure Success While Raising Your Children

You are about to learn proven strategies that have helped families around the world raise successful children.

It's no secret that raising a child is no easy task.

As parents, we are constantly being tested. Children have a way, through their actions and words, of putting parents into situations that they never thought they'd be in.

So how do we face the many challenges of being a parent? What is the best way to deal with certain situations? Is there anything we can do as parents to help us to avoid some of these challenging situations altogether? Well, the answer is yes. And that's where this book comes in. 

I have written this book to give parents the knowledge to be able to raise their families with confidence, knowing that their children are receiving the best upbringing possible. The techniques discussed in this book have been proven to work. Armed with this information, your job as a parent will not only be easier, but will be enjoyable as well. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...

  • How To Connect With Your Child
  • How To Improve Your Child’s Behavior
  • How To Support Your Child In Different Aspects Of Life
  • How To Promote A Resilient And Healthy Social Life
  • How To Create A Healthy Home
  • And Much, Much More!

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Download Your Free Kindle Copy of - A Practical Guide On Parenting: Effective Parenting Advice To Help Raise A Lifelong Happy Family (Raising Children, Parenting With Love, Parenting Help, ... Parenting Children, Parenting Book)

"Clever, sexy, witty, and shot glasses full of fun"

It might sound like a joke, but there's nothing funny about
three beautiful women murdered in an Irish pub in Syracuse.

The cops think it's an open and shut case, pointing the
finger at the dead guy with the gun, bar owner James John Smith. But when a
mother of one of the victims hires her lover, Bill "Free Willy"

Tedesco, an ex-stripper and karaoke star turned PI to investigate, the secrets
of the dead surface and the question of who pulled the trigger becomes more
important than why.

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Discover The Power Of Night Audio Programs

In this full and comprehensive guide to how you can make NAPS work for you, Stephen Richards, one of the top Mind Power experts in the world, reveals the power of NAPS (Night Audio Programs). You will discover the power of modern technology when it is coupled with the ancient wisdom of the Law of Attraction, and in so doing will find 

you are able to harness the power of your subconscious mind in helping you manifest your desires from wealth creation to everyday success. 

In developing NAPS even further, Stephen Richards has expanded on how others have brought this to the fore of subconscious power … he has gone beyond that. Anyone can create a NAPS, but here you will learn to create a very powerful NAPS that will succeed in giving you exactly what you want from it when you are guided through all of the stages in this easy to follow book. 

Forget hit and miss attempts in creating a NAPS that “might” work for you. With this guide you do not have to be Merlin the Magician to make it work for you. You will learn how to create a winning NAPS with the exact wording to use for success, all of the guesswork has been removed. You will be taken though the stages of how NAPS works, what you can do to overcome self-limiting hurdles and overcome the mind’s gatekeeper right through to creating your very own Night Audio Program for success. 

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